Wacholz on Verge of Decision

<a href=http://scout.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=147&p=8&cfg=null&c=1&yr=2004&nid=746909>Bill Wacholz</a> is a 6-7, 300-pound offensive lineman from Poway (Calif.) Rancho Bernardo, and Wacholz is following a path most recruits don't normally take. He's a little behind his 2004 teammates, but Wacholz's future looks very bright indeed. He's in the middle of taking official recruiting visits in the hopes of finding the right college for him. Washington just might be that school.

"I took an official visit to Washington June 1st and 2nd," Wacholz told TheInsiders.com Sunday. "I just got back from my official visit to Arizona today. I'll be leaving on an official visit to Michigan State on Friday and I'll be making my decision on the Monday after that visit."

So why is Wacholz, a 2004-eligible recruit, so late to the party? Let's back up 9 months to when Rancho Bernardo was playing football. Bill was already being heavily recruited until he broke his leg. Coaches decided to go elsewhere, so Wacholz thought JC was the only option.

"I was set on going to Palomar JC, and was taking an education class there while still finishing out high school," Bill said. "I saw that there was going to be a JC combine, so I went to it and ended up being the best offensive lineman there.

"Since the camp was supposed to be for sophomores only, all the coaches there were pretty surprised to hear that I was still in high school. Once they found that out, they were all over me."

Scholarship offers immediately came from Arizona, Washington, Michigan State, UTEP, Nevada and Louisiana-Lafayette. "I have a top-three of Washington, Arizona and Michigan State," Wacholz said.

So what of his official visits? "Both were excellent, it's going to be a hard decision," Bill said. "Both were pretty equal.

"I liked the academics at Washington, and I like the fact that they are on the quarter system. That means almost half the season is over before school starts. I like the coaches a lot. They have a winning program. They haven't had a losing season in twenty-eight years and I like that."

And Arizona? "I like them a lot too," he said. "Coach Stoops has the right attitude going there and I met basically the whole offensive line while I was there. Since I live in San Diego they are only six or seven hours away."

Wacholz also said that he's leaning toward staying on the west coast. "The Michigan State coaches told me that they wanted to see me before I made any decision," he said. "And it's Big-10 football too, so I want to check that out."

The Wildcats have a slight edge in Bill's mind right now, due in no small part to how he was recruited by them the first time around.

"They've been there from the beginning," he said. "I've been to that campus unofficially three times now.

"But I've been looking at the depth charts for both Arizona and Washington and they both have problems, so that's going to make it a really difficult choice for me. I think I can come in and be a four-year starter wherever I go, especially if I redshirt."

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