Trenton Tuiasosopo update

When Trenton Tuiasosopo was asked if there was any truth to the rumor that he and cousin Matt were a package deal for the Mariners because of his ability to hit the curve ball, he laughed. "No, that's not even close. I don't have the skills that Matt possesses," said Tuiasosopo.

With tongue firmly out of our cheek, we continued the interview. It's pretty obvious that the Huskies signed this linebacker not because he could hit a curve ball, but that he can hit a ball carrier with some bad intentions.

"I knew that Matt had a chance to be drafted. With his skills, it was not unheard of. He'll do great. When I heard about it, I was very happy for him. Whatever choice he decides to pursue, I'm there for him all of the way. I would really like to play with him at the U-dub but if he doesn't choose that, I support him," said Trenton.

Tuiasosopo wrestled this winter with a lot of success at the 215 weight class. "I took districts and at regionals I took second place. At state I took third place and I had a teammate that took fourth. It was an amazing time. It was a great atmosphere in the Tacoma Dome to get to compete against all of those schools.

"Wrestling helps me with my hand techniques and overall quickness. It has been helpful to me."

Trenton took the spring off from track to just dedicate it to lifting weights and getting stronger. "I'm now working out on a regular schedule. I am now running at the Washington Institute of Sports Medicine and I've been lifting as hard as I can. I'll do that all summer, work as hard as I can, and hopefully break into the defense at Washington and then take it from there."

Trenton graduated from Mariner High School this past weekend. "My finals were Monday and Tuesday, and that was it. I'll have a graduation party this weekend and that'll be it. I look forward to putting the pads and helmet back on.

"It's been too long."

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