Williams Talks about In-Home Visits

It's been a hectic time for <b>Kyle Williams</b>, a 6-7, 275-pound offensive lineman for Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas. He's got his studies and his football, and to top it off he recently had a couple of in-home visits with two schools going tooth and nail for Williams' services. The two? <b>USC</b> and <b>Washington</b>.

"My visit with USC was good," Kyle told Dawgman.com last night. "Coach Holt came to our house. He stayed for about 3 hours. Then Coach Myers and Coach Williams came in on Monday night and stayed for about 3 or 4 hours and talked."

Kyle won't schedule trips to Los Angeles or Seattle until after the playoffs are over. Highland Park heads to Plano on Friday for a 3rd round matchup. Williams has 125 pancake blocks so far in 10 games this season.

With all that's going on around him, Williams feels the in-home visits are a vital part of the process. "I think it's a lot different," he said. "It's a lot more personal than just a phone call."

And the topics discussed? "We really didn't talk too much about the schools," he said. "The Washington coaches talked more about their school, but mostly it was more laid-back than anything. I got all my questions answered."

There are two things that Kyle is looking at in particular when comparing the Trojans and Huskies. "Well, I'm looking at the depth charts of both schools and I'm also watching to see who else is committing and who else is looking at both schools. That's important."

If Kyle has a leader, he's giving us his best poker-face. "I couldn't tell you, to be honest."

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