Kuresa Enjoys State Championship

<b>Jake Kuresa</b> attends Mountain Crest High School in Hyrum, Utah, and the 6-4, 320-pound Kuresa was a big reason why Mountain Crest won the State 4A championship game, defeating Box Elder, 32-24. Being the leader he is, Jake made a personal sacrifice that helped spell the difference between victory and defeat.

"Well, our line wasn't getting our quarterback enough time, so the coaches asked me about switching to line," Jake told Dawgman.com. "It worked out great. We won state."

The ending to Kuresa's high school career was the end to a very roller-coaster year as far as playing was concerned. He missed a bunch of time with a broken foot. "I'd say the biggest thing this year was mental," Kuresa said when asked where he thought his game had improved. "I missed a lot of the year due to a broken foot. I wasn't even 100 percent for the championship game. I learned a lot about persistence and discipline."

It's that type of persistence and discipline, along with Kuresa's physical prowess on the gridiron that has college coaches from throughout the Midwest and West coming to Hyrum to see Jake and his family. As such, Jake has taken his time paring down the list of schools he's interested in attending, and is almost done setting up official trips to those schools.

"I'm going to Oregon on December 1st, USC on December 7th, UCLA on December 14th and BYU on January 5th," Jake said. The UCLA date is still a tentative one, and he's looking to possibly add Nebraska somewhere in there. The other school he's very interested in is Washington. "I'm unsure when but I want to set one up with them," he said.

One of the main reasons Kuresa is interested in the Huskies is the coach recruiting him, Washington Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson. "We usually talk about the same old stuff," Jake said when asked about his conversations with Gilby. "He coached my Dad at Utah State during his freshman year. They always talk when he calls. My Dad says he's a good guy."

Kuresa is of two schools of thought right now when it comes to a future choice. One seems to be from the local perspective, and the other stems from a love of the main conference out West. "I've always been a big Pac-10 fan," said Kuresa. "If I didn't go to BYU, I knew I would want to play in the Pac-10, so I picked the best schools - Oregon, Washington, USC and UCLA. I already told the Arizona schools that I didn't want to go there. It's too hot. And I really don't like Stanford or Cal all that much."

Here are Jake's quick takes on his top-6.

Oregon - "They've been good about recruiting and calling me, so I want to check them out." He has an in-home visit with them on Sunday.

USC - "I have family there. My Dad grew up there and his family all live there. I went to camp there this summer." Jake has an in-home visit with the Trojan coaches on Tuesday.

UCLA - "They've started to recruit me now at the end, so that's why I'm not sure if I want to take my trip. They haven't been recruiting me as seriously until now."

Washington - "I like them. I've always been a fan of their team. I'm not as familiar with their coaching though."

Nebraska -"I like them a lot and they have been the most impressive ones recruting me. My High School coach is very impressed with them. They are a class act and their program reflects that."

BYU - "Well, my grandpa lives there and it's close to home. There are a lot of Polynesian players there and it's a place I feel very comfortable at. It would certainly be the easiest place to go for me right now."

After offering his opinion on each, Jake was quick to add that he is still very much wide open about his decision. "It's really a win-win situation for me, because all the places I'm looking at have great academics and great football," Kuresa said about the process and what it means to him. "I just need to see where I fit in. I won't make my decision until after I visit BYU for sure."

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