Mackey Almost Done Setting Up Trips

<b>Blake Mackey</b> and his Bakersfield high teammates are 11-0 and getting ready for their biggest game of the year to date, a clash with Clovis West this coming Friday. A ring would be the cap to a great high school career for the 6-3, 185-pound Mackey, who is already destined to have a great start to a career in college. A full scholarship to a top D-1 school has to be considered a great start.

"I had a 91-yard catch against Buchanan," Mackey told yesterday about his highlight play of the year. "It was a post, kinda deep. It wasn't all that memorable, but it was my longest catch." Mackey has 49 receptions for 810 yards and 10 touchdowns this year. "It's been a good year. I'm doing the best I can when the ball is thrown my way."

Despite some work still needed to be done, Blake has been checking out his college options lately. He's been getting the most attention recently from BYU, Colorado, Arizona State and Washington. He has offers from all of his favorites and has visits set up with Arizona State on December 7th and Colorado on December 14th.

Blake has already visited Pullman and Provo. "It went good," he said when asked about his official visit to Washington State. "It was alright. It was during the weekend of the UCLA game." And BYU? "It was nice. It was a good game. They beat Air Force. There were nice people up there. I could see myself playing there, but I'm not sure about living there for the next 4 or 5 years. I don't know about that."

Chuck Heater made his way to Bakersfield earlier this week to see Blake and his family on an official in-home visit. "Coach Heater came by two days ago," he said. "Washington State came by today and Arizona State and Fresno State came by today too. He said that they aren't going to have that many receivers next year. He said that they have some good ones there, but they aren't really deep and they need some more good receivers."

While he hasn't had an opportunity to set up an official trip to Washington, he's planning on doing it. "I've never really been there before," he said. "I've been to the airport." (laughs)

Looking back, all of this is the direct result of Blake's outstanding performance at the Stanford Nike camp in Palo Alto, California. "Before the camp I had two offers, and after that it was like the door was open and I got all sorts of offers," Mackey said. "It's what I wanted it to be, but I never expected it was going to really be like this."

Blake had some interesting takes when asked what the best and worst parts of the process have been so far. "It's hard telling a coach or college no. It's hard to tell them that I'm not interested. But the best part is that I get to pick where I want to go. That's what everybody wants. And it's paid for."

And a leader? Well, if you had asked Blake about that earlier he would have had an answer, but now that's not the case. "I thought I did a while ago, but now I don't," he said. "I was thinking Arizona State, but now I just want to take all my trips and then whatever place I get a real good feeling for, that's where I'll go."

He elaborates. "I'm looking for a place where I can come in and play pretty early. I don't mind redshirting, but I don't want to be stuck behind a few guys and sit on the bench until my senior year. All the schools have good academics, but that's the most important thing...making sure I can get a good education." Top Stories