Husky profile: Jim Shaw

Jim Shaw, a Port Townsend native, came home to the Pacific Northwest when a spot opened up on Lorenzo Romar's staff. After five years in Oklahoma, Shaw hit the ground running when he arrived, and is now firmly grounded in the community.

"We have settled, finally," said Shaw from his office on Montlake Boulevard. "My 13-year old son is out here for a camp, so he's already here. My wife is coming this weekend and then my 16-year old daughter will be out here when we move into our house on July 19th. It's an exciting time."

Shaw's kids are very athletic. "My son has the better jump shot but my daughter has the better volleyball serve for sure."

Since filling the spot vacated by Russ Schoene, what has Shaw been doing for the summer? "Really I'm just getting acclimated with the current state of Husky basketball. I've met everyone and had the chance to talk with all of the players now, so that's good. Now I'm getting ready for July travel and just getting caught up with everything in regards to the current program."

Shaw had the opportunity to see his new team play once last year on television. "I saw them against NC State, and now I've also watched some tapes since I've been here. Our perimeter guys are talented. Nate (Robinson), Will (Conroy), Tre (Simmons), and Brandon (Roy) are all very talented."

Shaw has some of his roles on the staff defined, to a point. "Well, somewhat. I'll be assisting with recruiting and scouting, and also helping out players in their academic situations, and other situations. Right now we are finishing up our camps, but after that we get a 20-day period of recruiting. I'll be on the road 14 of those days evaluating."

After July, Shaw and the rest of the staff head into overdrive. "In August we'll have another camp and we'll really organize our fall recruiting effort. We get that all set up so we can gear up for the season conditioning and those kinds of things," said Shaw.

Recruiting for Washington is not rocket science, says Shaw. "Because the west is so crucial, the staff will overlap each other out here." That is much different than football recruiting, where each coach is assigned a distinct area.

"Outside the west on national situations or JC situations, we'll have a leader or contact that will follow up. We will look at all of our options and decide what is best for the program, but the history of our conference is that 90% of the players here are from the western United States. We really have to do well there, and whatever comes to us outside that area, we'll take."

"But we have to put a blanket over the west."

When the Huskies head up to Alaska for the Shootout tournament, Shaw's former team will be there waiting. "It will be strange if we have to play them. You are talking about a roster where I can tell you all of their mother's maiden names. It would be a little weird," said Shaw of possibly facing the Sooners.

Shaw can't hide his enthusiasm for his new assignment. "We're excited and really looking forward to building on the success we had last year. We want to keep things moving forward." Top Stories