Beall Finishes Career in Style

<b>David Beall</b> and his Mountain View teammates got oh so close in the State 4A playoffs this year, but ended up losing a tough game to last year's champs, the Pasco Bulldogs. The 6-5, 290-pound Beall knows that it was a great season, and was sad to see it end.

"We made it to third in state," David told last night. "We made school history. It was just a great season for our team."

They just ran into a buzzsaw in the Bulldogs, led by Skyler Allen. "They are a very good team," Beall said, quick to compliment Pasco. "They have good team speed and quickness. They had a receiver that was always there. If they needed a big catch, he was always there to get it for them."

Individually, David noticed improvement from his junior year. "I got to the point where I could get to the 'backers better this year. I don't know if it was because I lost weight or just became quicker as I got older. And also staying on my blocks and driving through."

Now that Beall has topped off a successful prep career, it's on to bigger business - the choosing of a college. That process starts for him Friday, when he drives up to Seattle for his official visit at Washington. "I talked to Coach Hart last night," David said. "He just congratulated me for having a great season and said that he was excited to see me for this weekend."

David received an itinerary from the Washington coaches, and one thing stuck out as something he's really looking forward to seeing. "On Sunday we go over to Neuheisel's house for breakfast," he said. "That sounds pretty cool."

The rest of Beall's trip schedule is as follows; UCLA (12/7), Oregon State (1/4), and Stanford (1/11). Conventional wisdom has suggested for some time that David is leaning heavily towards the Cardinal, so why is he taking these visits? Delaying the inevitable? That's hardly the case. "If it was set in stone I wouldn't be taking the visits," he said, matter-of-factly.

Beall had the following things to say about each of the schools he's visiting.

UCLA - "I went down there for a camp a couple of years ago and liked it. I also like Coach Weber. He's a cool guy. I like their campus. They have a lot going for them. I could see myself anywhere on the West Coast. I really don't want to leave the Pac-10."

Oregon State - "I only got a chance to spend a couple of days this past summer, but I did get a chance to talk to Coach Erickson and Coach Smith and they seemed like great guys. I don't know much about the campus because it was all football while I was there."

Stanford - "Great coaches, beautiful campus. It's a great atmosphere there. I like the weather down there. It's not too hot, not too wet. Seems like a good place."

Washington - "It's close to home and I have a lot of friends that are going there. I haven't had a chance to talk to the o-line coach all that much, but the coaches I have talked to seem really decent. Neuheisel's a great character. He reminds me of my high school coach."

David is an impressive student-athlete, and has definite plans in mind when it comes to his higher education. "I want to major in electrical engineering," he said. "I'd also like to see if I can get my MBA."

Engineering isn't for the faint of heart, and it's something David has thought about for quite some time. "I just have a passion for electronics and working with things and problem solving, inventing new ideas, stuff like that," he said.

Getting used to all the attention he's received from schools has taken a bit of adjustment for David, but he knows that, in the end, it will all be worth it. "It's been a little overwhelming at times, but I just try to push it out of my mind," said Beall. "Now that the season's over I can concentrate on looking at colleges and doing my own thing, but during the season I really didn't pay attention to it. If coaches called I would talk to them, but I didn't let it get to me."

And the best and worst part of the process so far? "Getting out and meeting new people and seeing different places has been a big plus," David said. "I've been able to see my first college games, which has been great. But I think the worst part has been coaches calling me up and congratulating me on how great a season we had. I wish it wasn't over yet! I would like to be playing another week. That's been hard." Top Stories