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Mitch Johnson is a 6-1, 180-pound point guard from Seattle (Wash.) O'Dea, and the son of former Seattle Sonic forward John Johnson also plays for one of the elite AAU programs around - Friends of Hoop Seattle. spoke to Mitch Monday night, right before FOH left for the Nike All-American camp in Indianapolis.

Recent reports had Johnson, Martell Webster and Jon Brockman all visiting Washington unofficially before Webster and Brockman's appearance at the USA Basketball Youth Development Festival in Colorado Springs.

It's also been speculated that Mitch was the ringleader behind the visit, leading to further conjecture about all three teammates attending college together. Johnson talked about the visit to Montlake.

"We just talked about it and thought it was a good idea to go up there," Mitch said. "We have been to U-Dub (Washington) many times, but never on the campus. So we wanted to make sure we saw the other things that were there outside of the arena.

"We saw the dorms and some of the other buildings, talked with some players and met some professors and people in admissions."

All three also took time to talk directly with UW hoops coach Lorenzo Romar. "It was really good," Johnson said of their conversation with the Huskies' head man. "He just basically talked to us about the campus. It wasn't like it was a recruiting trip or anything. He did a good job, just asked us if we had any questions and he told us how he felt about us. He would like us to come."

And his first impression after seeing what UW has to offer? "My first impression was that the campus is really big, but nice," he said. "And all the people that we met were really nice too. All the professors we talked to were nice. They were good people and good communicators. They left a good impression. They let us know how they could help us as athletes on the court and off the court."

Talk turned back toward hoops. Johnson, Webster and Brockman are all very familiar with Husky hoops. "We've known most of them forever, there were some of them just hanging around," Mitch said. "They showed us the weight room. I got a chance to meet some of the out-of-state guys, like Jamaal (Williams) Hakeem (Rollins) and Joel Smith."

Mitch is impressed with Smith's game. "I had met Joel a couple of weeks earlier, but didn't know who he was. I like his game a lot. He's really explosive. I'm really impressed with him. He can get up and plays hard. He plays bigger than he really is."

While all signs are pointing to a successful visit for all involved, Mitch isn't ready to tip his hand too far into the future. "I think it's a definite possibility," he said when asked about his teammates joining him in college. "I think we'd all love to play on the same team. We are great friends and teammates and we all think we are the best when we are on the court. But it's only fair to us to each make our own decision. I know I'm going to make my decision for myself, but it's certainly intriguing to think about."

So is there any timetable set? "I'm going to sign in November, but I don't have a set time for when I'm going to make my decision," said Johnson. "I'm just going to let things happen and do it when it feels right."

Even a list of possible suitors is hard to come by right now. "I'll know where I want to visit at the end of the month," said Mitch. "I've already visited Stanford officially. Right now I'm not worried about that. I'm just going to enjoy the next three weeks of rippin' and runnin' and then think about the rest of it."

Johnson is off to the Nike All-American Camp in Indianapolis, then he comes back for a day and then leaves with Friends of Hoop Seattle for the Peach Jam in Atlanta. Then there are tournaments in Las Vegas and Los Angeles before the road-weary hoopsters head home.

"It can be a little tiring, but it's basketball," Mitch said when asked about the rigorous schedule for his AAU squad. "We get to go to amazing places and play against some of the best competition around. It's the time of year you always look forward to."

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