Mateaki Back from First Visit

<b>Donny Mateaki</b> plays football Iolani High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, or at least he used to. The 6-7, 268 pound defensive end recently finished out his prep career, growing a full inch in the process, and is already plunging head-first into official trips to colleges anxiously awaiting to wine and dine him.

"I loved it," Donny said of his first official visit, one to the University of Colorado. He picked a good weekend to visit, as the Buffaloes stomped on the Nebraska Cornhuskers. "The people there were very friendly. It snowed and I hadn't really been around snow before. Boulder is beautiful and the scenery is awesome."

Mateaki was suitably impressed with Colorado, enough so to call them his current leader. "I liked everything about my trip," he said. "But I haven't been anywhere else yet, so I don't have anything to compare it to."

Donny is planning on visiting Oregon this weekend, but isn't 100 percent sure he's headed to Eugene. "I think I'm going to go, but it's up in the air," he said. "I might reschedule it." He also has trips scheduled to Washington on December 7th and Nebraska on December 14th.

Washington has an in when it comes to Iolani High School. Current lineman William Kava is an Iolani grad, and he's very close to Mateaki. "That's my boy!" Donny exclaims when the talk turns to Willie. "He calls me up and we talk all the time."

Donny makes no bones about what it would mean to be on the same team as his friend "Absolutely," he said, when referring to that potential opportunity. "I want to play with Polynesian players. That's important to me."

Coach Tom Williams is the Husky coach recruiting Mateaki. "I like him," Donny said. "He's a good guy." We'll be in touch with Donny again after his official visit to Washington. Top Stories