Bandel Still Pondering Options

Ben Bandel and his Murrieta Valley teammates are still playing football right now. They are getting ready to play Valley View this weekend, and then hopefully go to the finals. While the 6-7, 250-pound Bandel has one set of thoughts strictly on Valley View and the task at hand, another set of thoughts are staring straight towards destiny, a destiny that involves the <b>University of Washington</b>.

"If we make it to the championship game, we play either Temecula or JW North," Bandel told yesterday.

Bandel is also dealing with in-home visits from colleges right now. "I had one with Washington two days ago," he said. "Coach (Bobby) Hauck came by. He was real excited. He just wanted to let me know that he's still going to recruit me heavily and things like that."

Hauck isn't just trying to recruit Ben. He's also recruiting the whole Bandel clan, and from Ben's point of view he's doing a pretty good job of it too. "He was talking to everybody," he said. "He's real friendly, real nice. My parents like him too. Everybody in my family liked him."

With the Huskies being Ben's only current offer, did Coach Hauck put on the hard sell? Actually it sounds like was just the opposite. "He was pretty easy going," he said. "But he told me that if the pressure came down to it and they had another tight end commit and I needed to make a choice they would let me know about it. They would tell me that I would need to make up my mind. He was real upfront about it and told me just like it was. He told me that they wanted to use me at a tight end and that they are going to be losing some tight ends this year and that they were going to need another player to fill a spot."

And their interest? "They like my size and my speed for my size," he said. "But I think they liked my ability to get the job done, whether catching the ball or blocking. I did a good job at everything this year. I wasn't just one-dimensional."

Bandel has official visits set up with Washington on December 14th and Oregon State on January 4th.

While the Husky coaches look to be putting on the soft sell, Bandel is on full alert to the possibility of making a decision at a moment's notice. "I'm not that far away," he said. "I would like to go through the whole recruiting process and see how everything works out and then make up my mind, but if I have to make a choice sooner than I would like, Washington is leading the pack right now. They are my favorite school." Top Stories