Beall Back From Visit

<b>David Beall</b>, a 6-5, 295-pound offensive lineman from Vancouver, Washington started off his official trip schedule in grand fashion as he was whisked off by plane to check out the university located in Seattle.

"They flew me up," Beall told today just after he got home. "It was a puddle-hopper. It didn't bother me. The seats were small though."

The offensive lineman from Mountain View High School went up to the University of Washington, along with Garfield quarterback Isaiah Stanback and Moses Lake defensive lineman Jordan Reffett. The three of them got along very well, according to Beall. "Both of them were really cool guys," he said.

While Isaiah was hosted by Reggie Williams and Reffett by Joe Toledo one night and Will Conwell the other, Beall had his questions answered by another local lineman, Brad Vanneman from Issaquah. "He was a cool guy," David said of his host.

As with all official visits, the meals are always a big focal point, and this visit was no exception. "I think I need to go out and do something now," Beall said of the pounds he surely put on. "I think I need to go on a run."

In fact, the eating started almost right from the get-go. "I just checked in to the hotel and went out to the Metropolitan Grill," David said of his Friday afternoon activities. "I had the salmon. It was great."

"Saturday we went out to breakfast at Daniel's Broiler," he said. Then we took a tour of the facilities and the campus. After that we went to lunch at Jillians and then we went to dinner at Morton's steakhouse. Oh man. Great steak!" He went for the porterhouse.

The question was asked about who ate more, Stanback or Reffett? "Actually surprisingly enough, Isaiah did," said Beall. "Isaiah had a 48-ouncer. A porterhouse."

Beall got a chance to hang out with all the Washington hosts. "They are just interesting guys," he said. "Reggie and Toledo are so funny. Reggie was a lot taller than I expected. And Joe is bigger than me. And he is just a tight end."

David was able to get his academic questions answered. "It's just nice to know that they have plenty of player support when you travel, having enough tutors and everything so you can stay on the ball. And I found out the requirements for the Electrical Engineering Program up there."

One thing David was looking forward to since he first saw his itinerary was a trip over to Head Coach Rick Neuheisel's house. "Man, it was great this morning," he said about breakfast with Rick. "His house is really, really nice. It was great to be on the water too. We just sat around, talked to the coaches, watched football and ate."

Normally, Neuheisel's sons Jerry, Jack and Joe are an integral part of the breakfast proceedings, often horsing around with the players. David didn't get a chance to hang with the boys as it sounds like another prospect was hogging them. "I didn't get a chance to," said Beall. "I think Isaiah was playing playstation with them."

Did anything stand out? "Not really," David said, matter-of-factly. "It was just a great trip. It was more than I expected. I didn't really learn a whole lot of new stuff about the school. It was just the atmosphere of the school that surprised me."

Did the coaches push him to make a decision? "Of course they want me to commit, but they know that I'm going to take my visits and then decide later on," he said. Beall is visiting UCLA this weekend and then has January dates with Oregon State (1/4) and Stanford (1/11). "I'm not sure I'm going to make it," Beall said with a laugh. Top Stories