Reffett Part of the Family

<b>Jordan Reffett</b> a 6-6, 250-pound defensive end from Moses Lake, Washington didn't need an official visit to Seattle to know where he was going, but his trip this weekend to the Emerald City only solidified what Husky fans have known for quite some time; Reffett is a Dawg. And of course, that's in the best possible sense of the word.

"Ah yeah!" Reffett exclaimed after talking about his trip. "I'll be up there knocking heads up there this summer. It's good to be part of the family."

Reffett soaked it all in, including being hosted by one of his best friends, Will Conwell. "I met Coach Myers at the airport and we went out to lunch at the Space Needle," Jordan said about his Friday afternoon plans in Seattle. "Coach Neu was there. I met Reggie and another recruit, Isaiah Stanback, which was cool. Then we went and toured the facilities and I had an academic appointment.

It gets better. "Then at night we all went to the Metropolitan Grill, which is one of the best places I've ever been to dinner. That was fantastic. Everybody was there, I got to talk to everybody and hang out. Then I went out with Will Conwell and the other recruits and went out to meet the other players. It was great to meet all the guys. They treat you like a brother. It's kind of like a family up there and it's great to be a part of it."

Of all the players he met, however, none made as big an impact on Reffett as the tall TE from La Costa Canyon, California - TE Joe Toledo. "We are going to be friends for years to come. He's HUGE. He's a stud."

Rumors are abounding as to which recruit ate the most - Reffett, Stanback or Beall? "I ate the most," Reffett said confidently, but he did have some kudos for the quarterback from Garfield. "Stanback did eat a lot though. He tore me up the second night. He ate a 48-ouncer at Morton's. I don't think I could have put that away."

Reffett enjoyed the tour of the facilities, but wasn't prepared for what he saw in the locker room. "I thought it was awesome," Jordan said about the facilities in general. "It's top of the line. We went to the locker room and they had a jersey with a 24 and 'Reffett' on the back and it just felt like home. I cannot wait to get up there and start playing."

Any thoughts about a packed Husky Stadium next fall creep into Reffett's thoughts? "You bet," he said. "That's what it's all about, and I'm pumped."

So how about Saturday? "We went to breakfast at Daniel's broiler at Leschi. And then we met with the student-athlete academic helpers. Those guys are really cool and it's great knowing that they are going to be in your corner and help you out if you have any problems."

And then came the highlight of Jordan's trip according to him, although at the time it seemed simple enough. "We went to Jillians and I shot pool with Coach Neuheisel," he said. "He beat me. He had a lucky game."

After Morton's came another night of getting to know the Husky players. Jordan singled out two in particular. "We went out with the guys," he said. "We met up with Zach Tuiasosopo and Khalif Barnes. Just hung around those guys. It was cool."

Just when you think the trip was going to slow down, the Husky coaches turned things up a notch, taking the recruits over to Coach Neuheisel's house for breakfast. "That was a lot of fun," said Reffett. "We just sat around, ate breakfast, watched football and talked. I was kind of recruiting. I'm a recruiter now. I'm a pretty sociable guy and I was hanging out with those guys and they are REALLY good guys and I just told them that it feels good to be a Dawg up there. It's all love and family."

The topper to an exceptional trip was finding out that some of Reffett's old friends at Kentwood had won the state 4A championship game, defeating Pasco. "I did not get a chance to watch the game at all last night but it looked like they routed them," Jordan said.

One of his best friends is Conqueror QB Carl Bonnell. "It's good for those guys at Kentwood," he said. "They've put together a great program over the last 3 or 4 years and Carl has been right in the middle of it ever since it started. It's a great way to go out for him."

So now the question has to be asked. In a future Apple Cup, when Bonnell is coming around the edge and Jordan has his set in his sights, what is he going to do? "I'm gonna rock his ass is what I'm gonna do," he said with a big laugh.

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