Stanback Works His Way Through Process

<b>Isaiah Stanback</b> went on an official visit this weekend, but he didn't even have to leave his own zip code as he headed down to Montlake for a weekend on the Huskies. The 6-3, 200 pound quarterback from Garfield High School will remember his trip as much for what he ate as for what he did.

"The food," Isaiah told tonight when asked about the highlight of his trip. "Lots of food. I'm gonna have to go run all this meat off." (laughs) Stanback impressed even the biggest Dawgs when he devoured a Porterhouse at Morton's Saturday night. "Yeah, it was a 48-ouncer. It came in two or three pieces. I'm still feeling it now," he finished with a laugh.

Isaiah didn't spend the whole time with the team and coaches. He had some academic business to attend to. "I had SAT's so I wasn't there for half of the day. I got back in time to eat again. (laughs) And I talked to some people from the athletic department. That was it."

Stanback got to know the other two recruits, David Beall and Jordan Reffett on his visit. "I talked to David a little bit, but I talked to Jordan quite a bit," Isaiah said. "They are both cool guys." And his host? None other than Reggie Williams. "I've known Reggie for a while. He's cool."

Isaiah also mentioned something about video games. "We went to eat at coach's house," he said. "I got a chance to meet his family. They are cool people. I played some video games with his boys. I beat 'em...barely." (laughs) Did Coach Neuheisel ever put the hard sell on Isaiah inbetween the eggs benedict and the cheese danish? "Nah, not at all."

Overall, what impressed Stanback the most? Since he's been going to games during the season, Isaiah knows the campus, the players, the coaches and the feel for things at Washington like the back of his hand. Still, he's repeatedly impressed by something he never gets tired of seeing. "I just like the family aspect of the team. I like that a lot."

What about the process? Stanback knows he's got one more trip left, but not much more than that. "I really don't know," he said. "I have USC this weekend and depending on how that goes I'll know if I need to take more trips or not. I don't know yet."

Stanback is also playing hoops. "We don't have a game for another 11 days, so we'll just be practicing. We had a jamboree, but that's it," he said. His basketball legs are there. "Yeah, they are back. It took me about a week and a half, but they are back. I'm ready."

And what about the newest Husky Hoop Dawg Brandon Roy? Has Isaiah seen much of a transformation in the big-time forward prospect? "I really can't tell that much of a difference, just because we haven't really played a game yet," he said. "We've mostly been practicing with ourselves." Top Stories