Vegas Perspective - Day One

Despite 118 degree temperatures, three tournaments, dozens of games and no waiting,'s Kim Grinolds did his best to canvass Las Vegas in search of hoop dreams on Friday. What he saw was a most-impressive AAU team from the Emerald City, as well as a Huskies commit that delivered as advertised.

With Day One of the Nike Main Event, Adidas Super 64 and the Reebok Big Time now complete, here are Kim's capsule thoughts on a dozen of the players he witnessed in person, often after witnessing multiple games. He also observed Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar and came away even more impressed with the Huskies' leader than before.

It was a packed house Friday night as Romar, Lute Olson (Arizona) and Mark Few (Gonzaga) were there to see Martell Webster. Romar, Olson, Few, Bill Self (Kansas), Mike Bray (Notre Dame) and Mike Krzyzewski (Duke) were all in the stands to see Jon Brockman, and new Stanford Head Coach Trent Johnson was there to see Mitch Johnson. Also in attendance were assistant coaches from Oklahoma and UCLA.

FOH did not disappoint, defeating the Chiefs from Florida by 25-30 points.

Now that the day is complete, here are Kim's thoughts on some of Washington's top recruiting targets, as well as some of the up-and-coming youngsters that are playing for FOH Seattle.

Seketoure Henry (Belmont Shore) - "The guy is just a scoring machine. That's what he does. He shoots, he scores. He's real quick. I'm not sure he fits in with what Washington has. They have two or three spots left and taking Harvey Perry I'm not sure he fits. It's not that he's not good enough - he's going to be a real good Pac-10 player if that's where he decides to stay. That guy can play."

Brett Hoerner (Belmont Shore) - "He's just pretty thin. I'm not sure he's got the strength to do it. They've got Artem Wallace to play the middle now."

Artem Wallace (Portland Panthers) - "I saw Artem today and he looked quite a bit better than when I saw him at the AAU tournament at the U. He's lost about 20 pounds, looked a lot more athletic. He looked good today, I thought. He was a force in the middle - grabbing the boards, setting picks and picking up the garbage. I thought he played really well for the role he plays on that team."

Harvey Perry (Arizona Magic Blue) - "Other than Brockman and Martell, he's the guy I was most impressed with today. He's a guy that does it all. He plays solid defense. He's a tough guy on the court, he doesn't back down from anybody. He's kind of an enforcer out there. He reminds me of Will Conroy with his attitude. He's got a nice frame and will get bigger and stronger. He can shoot and score. He can play the 1, the 2, and the three. He can go low and bang for boards. I think what Lorenzo saw in him is that he can play so many positions on the floor that you can slot him in anywhere."

Jon Brockman (Friends of Hoop Seattle) - "He struggled a little bit this morning, but I think that was due to the fact that people were trying to force the ball into him when he wasn't open."

Mitch Johnson (Friends of Hoop Seattle) - "He struggled a lot this morning. I didn't think he played very well, but tonight they played the fourth seed in their bracket and blew them out. Mitch played a lot better tonight."

Renado Parker (Friends of Hoop Seattle) - "He had a spectacular dunk and missed two. He has 'All-World' written all over him. He just got done with the eighth grade and I was just shocked at how mature he is. Impressive-looking kid. 6-6, probably 200 pounds. He's out there playing with the best of them, going up against the guys from Houston Hoops, and those guys are good. I was shocked at how poised he was. He was a boy playing against men out there, but with his body he's going to be huge.

Ryan Staudacher (Friends of Hoop Seattle) - "He had a nice game tonight."

Jamelle MacMillan (Friends of Hoop Seattle) - "He really stood out this morning. When they were down 20-5, he was the one that jump-started their comeback."

Spencer Hawes (Friends of Hoop Seattle) - "He's really solid, but on that team he's not the go-to guy. You've got Micah Downs, Brockman, Mitch Johnson and Martell, so he's definitely not the first option. But he's in there doing the dirty work, setting the picks, getting the rebounds and getting the put-backs, but he's not the number-one guy. With four D1 guys that are a year-ahead of him playing, it's not easy."

Micah Downs (Friends of Hoop Seattle) - "He struggled this morning, but played better tonight."

Martell Webster (Friends of Hoop Seattle) - "He lit it up there for a little bit tonight. He started to play with more confidence. I think he's still a little ginger on his legs, but he exploded a couple of times, had a nice alley-oop throw to Brockman and they were chest-thumping and everything. They were getting into it. He's really coming on. He's not 100 percent. His game is not back yet, but you can see what everyone else sees in him. He's got the swagger, got the athleticism, the confidence, that look in his eye. But his body needs to catch up with his head a little bit because he hasn't been playing much. But it's there."

Mutual Admiration Society: "There were a lot of big-time college guys there. Lute Olson sitting by himself in the gym. When a guy like Mike Krzyzewski walks in the room there's a little bit of a buzz, but I was really surprised how many people, how many coaches go up to Lorenzo, shake hands, or slap him on the back and say hi. People are just really glad to see him. I didn't see that going on with other coaches there.

"He's got this thing down. He'll sit in the middle of the doorway to watch two games at once. But he sat down with Lute Olson during most of the game, talking to him. Ken Bone was here tonight too." Top Stories