Bankhead makes decision

With two of his closest relatives playing football at Sacramento (Calif.) City College, Keauntea Bankhead was faced with a choice: try to earn a qualifying score on his standardized test, or head to Sacramento.

A recent conversation with Keith Gilbertson and Scott Pelluer led Keauntea to make a decision.

"We talked about going to a JC or trying to pass the test," Bankhead told Wednesday. "I decided I want to try to pass the test.

"There are six tests I can take up 'til January, and all I need to do is pass one of those tests to make sure I get into school. The first one is on September 25th"

Bankhead is taking a class to prepare for the SAT. "It starts August 14th and goes until the beginning of October."

Former O'Dea LB Keandre Magee and Ballard DB Fred Hawthorne, both related to Keauntea, are at Sacramento right now, preparing for their first season at Sac City. "If I was going to go to a JC, that's where I was going to go, but I'm going to pass one of these tests instead," Bankhead said.

Keauntea expects that he will need a score over 900 to qualify. "I only have to get 300 points," he said.

"I've been working out with my older cousin at the community center by my house on the field there, running 100's, stuff like that."

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