Another Cali Big Man Has UW Offer

<b>Jacob Bingham</b> is a 6-5, 300-pound offensive lineman from El Cajon, California and Bingham plays for Granite Hills High School. Granite Hills just finished a disappointing season, but things couldn't be looking any better for Jacob when it comes to his future college possibilities.

"We had the worst season we've had in a while," Bingham told "We had new coaches and a lot of new players. But I think it's the best season I've ever had."

That's means something, as Jacob earned First Team All-League and Second Team All-County honors last year, pumping out 142 pancake blocks in 11 games. How does he do it? "I think it's just my aggressiveness," Jacob said. He also does it partly because of his energy and enthusiasm on the football field. "I'm probably the most vocal guy on the team. I'm probably too vocal at times."

You might think that with Granite Hills not doing as well as hoped for that it might have had an impact on Jacob's D-1 recruitment, but that would be far from the case. In his words, 'It's been more than enough.' He currently has offers from Washington, Washington State, Arizona State, Colorado, Utah State, UNLV and Nebraska. Most of the attention has been coming from three schools; Arizona State, Washington and Colorado.

And the coach recruiting Bingham for the Huskies? Coach Brent Myers, an appropriate choice for the recruitment of an offensive lineman. "I like him a lot," Jacob said of Myers. "He's a nice guy."

Jacob has official trips set up for December 7th to Washington and December 14th to Nebraska. He had set one up for Colorado for the weekend of the 30th but had to reschedule as the Buffaloes were playing in the Big-12 championship game.

Bingham already has one official trip under his belt - Arizona State. "Well, I went out to dinner and sat in on the team meetings," Jacob said. "I went to the team hotel for breakfast and took the team bus to the game. I also got a chance to check out the campus, and my host took me out at night. I liked it a lot. I like Coach Koetter and his staff. They seem like nice guys. They didn't play well (lost to Arizona), but it's just their first season."

Jacob also has taken one unofficial visit, this time to Washington to see the annual Apple Cup. According to Bingham, his experience met all expectations, and then some. "I went to the Apple Cup and I liked it a lot," he said. "It was a sold-out game, the first real big game I've ever been too. I just liked it all a lot." Included in Jacob's first Husky Stadium experience was a trip down to the field turf to check out the pregame warmups.

Besides ASU, here are Jacob's quick takes on his other leaders.

Colorado - "Well, they are playing well right now and they are a consistent program."

Nebraska - "Well, they are Nebraska. Look at all the publicity they get."

Washington - "I like Washington a lot. I like the area and the team a lot. I've always liked them. I've visited a couple of times."

We'll be in touch with Jacob after he visits Seattle on his official trip to Washington Top Stories