8/13 PM Practice Report

With the hot sun once again focusing its eye on Husky Stadium, the Washington Huskies took the field Friday for their second 'acclimatization' practice. The team took their early frustrations out on the iron in the UW weight room and then they took their licks out on each other during a high-energy practice in shells, helmets and shorts. The shoulder pads won't be on until Saturday, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a good amount of work put in today.

As Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson addressed the media Friday night, his first thoughts were about slain Oregon signee Terrance Kelly, a De La Salle player the Huskies had recruited for this incoming class. Kelley was murdered Thursday night in Richmond, California. "My condolences go out to his family and all the people at De La Salle," Gilbertson said. "I know all the people at Oregon are very sad about it and we feel terrible. Those kinds of things are tragically heartbreaking."

Thoughts then went to Friday's practice session, including a session of gassers that had the coaches vociferously encouraging their players to finish practice on a strong note. "I think today's tempo was really good, but it's PE class right now," said Gilbertson. "We're not in pads. Tomorrow we get to put shoulder pads on, and after two more days of that we put on full pads and then you get into two-a-days. I was pleased with the amount of reps we got in all our drills, our 1-on-1's, 7-on-7's, team, rapid fire. I liked the tempo, but with no pads anybody can go fast.

The new NCAA schedule, used as 'acclimatization' for players, has the coaches in a little bit of a funk. "You are so used to going through so many two-a-days in a row," Gilbertson said, noting the way the normal 'two-a-day' schedules have been historically set up. "Now with the new schedule, I haven't really adjusted to it. Some days it's 9 o'clock in the morning and I don't know what to do. I'm used to being out in the field."

All three quarterbacks looked better Friday than they did Thursday, as the rust begins to wash away with repetitions. "I thought Carl (Bonnell) had a good day throwing the ball," Gilbertson said. "I thought Casey (Paus) looked the best yesterday."

During the skelly drills, there were picks by Tim Galloway, Dashon Goldson and Cody Ellis. Defensive Coordinator Phil Snow is just as intent as OC John Pettas is when it comes to making sure his guys finish their plays. Goldon picked off a pass and then started to go back for the next play. After a few words from Snow, Dashon bolted toward the end zone and ran roughly 50 yards at breakneck speed for a simulated six.

Gilbertson is really pleased with how senior receiver Charles Frederick has come to camp in shape and ready to lead his corps of young, talented pass-catchers. The only problem is, too many balls are hitting the field turf with a resounding thud. The biggest expense this fall just might be the cough-drop budget for Receivers Coach Steve Axman.

"There's Charles over here, and then there's everybody else over here," Gilbertson said. "I would think Anthony Russo, Sonny Shackelford and Corey Williams would be in the top-four. And then there's Bobby Whithorne and Quintin and Charles Smith are after that. But there's not too much separation from two to seven right now and we'd like to see more separation than that. We'd like to see more than what we've seen. But Charles is exceptional and it's a big deal to us that he gets to the post every game because he gives us an added dimension as a receiver, a kick returner and as a guy that can give us yards after the catch."

Gilbertson seems encouraged by the offensive line play, especially those that are returning from injury. Rob Meadow looks once again like the man-child he was last year before his season-ending ACL tear against Indiana. Meadow, Khalif Barnes and Brandon Leyritz all ran strong gassers and are leading the charge.

"They are probably a little more athletic than last year, to be honest," Gilbertson said when asked about an early take on the OL. "Tusi's a pretty good athlete, and (Brad) Vanneman, and obviously Khalif (Barnes). Ryan Brooks has really improved himself physically and Stanley Daniels has always been a really good athlete. The first group is pretty athletic. Clay Walker has a hamstring that is bothering him right now, so that limits his reps. But I think there are 7-8 guys right now that look pretty athletic. And Brandon Leyritz - he's a guy that walked-on, he's 318 pounds, benched 450 pounds, his body fat is way down. He's improved himself every year and he can help us. Right now he's our backup center, with Juan (Garcia) on the shelf."

Garcia, when not participating in skelly drills, worked on the side with Strength Coach Pete Kaligis. Donny Mateaki cramped up during the finishing gassers and will be put in with the 'red-line' conditioning group Saturday. Ben Bandel, Joe Toledo, Clay Walker and Tusi Sa'au are also in that group. "Most of those players are coming off of injury and are one-a-day performers anyways for right now," Gilbertson said.

The group of true freshmen is impressing Gilbertson with their strength and conditioning to this point. "All those linemen - big and strong and pretty powerful kids," he said when asked who of the frosh were making early strides. "They might be the most powerful group of freshmen I've ever been around. Jordan White-Frisbee benched 360 (pounds). Johnie Kirton benched 365. I think it's a really good group of 'line of scrimmage' people."

Day Two, No Bull: Woodinville OL Casey Bulyca was expected to be in gear today. Instead he was once again on the sidelines, spending a lot of time talking with Juan Garcia. "We thought we would have the go-ahead by three o'clock, which is six o'clock back there, but we did not get the call so we'll have to wait and see," Gilbertson said when asked about Bulyca's situation with the Clearinghouse. "I was told yesterday it was all done and that we would get notice today, but I don't work for the Clearinghouse so I don't know what's going on there."

There is still no word on Jasper Henry's case with the Clearinghouse and he will stay in Los Angeles until a ruling is made.

New Names: Tacoma (Wash.) Bellarmine Prep LB Pat McKillop showed up in the middle of practice after being invited to attend. He will wear his high school number - 54. Also, there was another kicker on campus today, working out with the team. Gilbertson said Thursday that he wasn't expecting Michael Book to be available for camp, but he was out there Friday. Book, who prepped at Liberty High School, apparently broke all of Drew Dunning's records, according to Gilbertson. He was also a soccer standout at Liberty.

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