McCoy Entertains Coaches

Quinton McCoy is a 5-11, 175-pound athlete from Mesa, Arizona, and the Valley Christian athlete's season was cut short by a knee injury, but he's doing what he can to make sure he comes back 100 percent.

"It's really good right now," McCoy told "I'm doing leg extentions." Quinton's injury hasn't stopped a ton of coaches from stopping by to say hello and talk about their schools. McCoy is perhaps the fastest player on the entire West Coast, so it would take a lot more than a bum knee to keep the coaches away.

This week, the coaches from Washington paid Quinton and the McCoy family a visit. By Quinton's account, Rick Neuheisel and Steve Axman made a very good impression as they sold their product. "It went pretty good," McCoy said of the visit. "They were just talking about recruiting in general and what their program is all about."

One thing Quinton was very interested in asking the Husky Head Coach. "Well, I wanted to ask him why people call him 'Slick Rick'," he said. "He told me that it came from when he was a coach at Colorado, and how he got the job at a young age. It made sense to me. I thought a lot of it came from people that were jealous anyways."

If image is anything, Neuheisel apparently won the McCoys over. "I really liked what I saw," Quinton said. "He has good character, has a great personality and is very straightforward."

The visit just reinforced Quinton's interest in the Huskies. "They have a real good team and are one of the winningest programs in the Pac-10." Washington is recruiting McCoy as a receiver and as also a return specialist.

Any other in-homes? "Coach Bellotti came in from Oregon," Quinton said. "He talked about a lot of the same things, talked about their program. It was a good visit." His favorites are now Michigan, Nebraska, Washington, Arizona, Oregon and Michigan State. He's got visits set up for Michigan, Nebraska and Washington, with his first visit this weekend with the Wolverines. He'll decide what other visits he'll take next week, but no matter where he decides to visit he'll visit all of them with his parents.

Georgia Tech was one of the main competitors for Quinton's letter-of-intent, but have now dropped off the map. "I went on an unofficial visit and just really didn't like it," he said. Top Stories