Practice Report 12-8

The Huskies headed back to the Dempsey Indoor this morning for the second of 15 bowl practices. With spirits high, the team went about their business while 15 high-profile recruits looked on from the sidelines.

Rick Neuheisel kept things upbeat, sending 380-pound Jerramy Adams out to kick a field goal at the end of practice with a chance to prevent the team from running. The monstrous offensive guard came up short from 40-yards out on the first attempt, then later missed again when given a second chance. The team was ordered back out on the field to run a few more wind sprints. Finally, Neuheisel came out to hold for the main man, John Anderson, who drilled a long attempt and thus put the finishing touches on practice.

Surely tired of having to run, Charles Frederick came over and mobbed Anderson after the kick sailed through the uprights. The recruits got a kick out of the whole scenario, having watched a 380-pound guy kick a field goal with a chance to be hero.

The Husky quarterbacks were on the mark today, making some great passes up the field. Cody Pickett connected with Pat Reddick on a deep flag route on a pass that was absolutely rifled to the receiver. Later on, Casey Paus threw a fade to Reggie Williams that stood out as the play of practice. The pass first appeared to be way overthrown, but Williams caught up to it and somehow brought it down over Sam Cunningham. Nobody else on the team could have made that grab.

Willie Hurst had another nice day catching the ball, while freshman Chris Singleton showed his ability to run through the tackles and make approaching linebackers miss.

Jerramy Stevens continues to try and get into game shape. His injury is fully recovered, but even after three games he's still not back to where he wants to be. Neuheisel said after practice that it was evident in the Miami game that his star tight end was pressing to make plays. Still, the head coach remained hopeful that the bowl practices would help bring Stevens up to speed for the match up against Texas.

Stevens made quite a play after making a catch today. As he headed down the sidelines, a safety came over to try and knock him out of bounds. It didn't work. Stevens barreled him over and sent the safety rolling into the sidelines.

After watching practice, it's evident that some of the seniors appear even more upbeat than usual heading into their final game at Washington. That's especially true of safety Wondame Davis, who for the second day in a row mixed hard work with jokes and laughter. He and safety coach Bobby Hauck have a good relationship, and they gave each other a hard time today as Davis tried to mock Hauck's coaching style. It was a funny sight to see, and the coach was light-hearted enough to see the humor in it.
Husky Notes:

Taking some time: The team won't head back to the practice field until next Friday, when it will get back on an every day practice schedule in the two weeks leading up to the Holiday Bowl.

Should I stay or should I go?: Redshirt junior Jerramy Stevens has long been rumored to be gone after this season, instead electing to enter the April NFL Draft. Today, Neuheisel gave some insight as to where the tight end stands. "I think certainly had there not been an injury it would have been a foregone conclusion (that he'd leave early)," the head coach said. "With the injury I think it creates some question. He has indicated to me that he'll tell me when he knows, and he hasn't told me. It may mean that there are still some lingering questions in his mind." Top Stories