Fall Camp Q&A - Jim Lambright

After a successful battle with bladder cancer, former Washington Head Football Coach Jim Lambright was back where he belongs Thursday - on the football field. Dawgman.com got Coach Lambright's quick capsule thoughts on where he sees the UW program, what he saw on the field this morning and where he thinks they might end up in the win-loss column.

Dawgman.com: Coach, how is your health right now?

Jim Lambright: I'm doing great. There's still some strength I need to get back, but I'm back on a normal schedule and very happy."

DM.C: After seeing things this morning, any thoughts as to how the team looks?

JL: I like the repetitions. I like the sound of the practice, although it's just a sweats practice. There's still a lot of hitting being accomplished with helmets and shoulder pads, and that's a real nice improvement. And from what I saw this practice, they probably got 35-40 more snaps than what they were getting the past couple of years.

DM.C: Can you see anything that stands out right away from where the team was a year ago?

JL: I was just trying to get acquainted with the numbers and the number of players that were out there. Right away I like the improvement at linebacker and safety. I think that will help solve some of their defensive problems from the inside out.

DM.C: How do you see you role this fall? Have you spoken with Coach Gilbertson at all?

JL: We really haven't talked. I'm sure Gilby and I will set up a weekly chance to sit down and compare notes.

DM.C: A season prediction?

JL: I hesitated, even as the head coach, to predict. I think they are the sort of team that, because they are young at the leadership positions, will struggle a little bit. But they are tougher than they have been in the past, so that will have some carry-over, and hopefully they can get into a bowl game.

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