Solomona Still a Soft Commit

If there was one guy who knew the sights this weekend, it was <b>Chris Solomona</b>, the 6-5, 285-pound defensive tackle from San Pedro High School. He made the same visit two years ago out of high school, and the man from El Camino College was ready to do it all again for the first time.

"I got there and we ended up eating at the Space Needle," Chris told "Donny (Mateaki) from Hawaii was there. And from there on out I just had fun. A lot of fun. After the Space Needle we went to school, checked out the campus. Then we talked to our academic advisors and then practice. Then we went to the Metropolitan Grill. I ordered the 32 ounce porterhouse. That was a load. Got the lobster too. Then we went out with Zach and Tui and hung out. They couldn't really do anything that night because they had practice the next day."

Solomona took advantage of seeing all the Polynesian players on his official visit. "Tusi (Sa'au) was my host, but most of the time we all hung out, Zach (Tuiasosopo), Tui (Alailefaleula), Tusi, along with some other recruits," he said.

Saturday's festivities sounded like more of the same for Solomona. "We had breakfast by the lake, then went back to the school to see the gym. Then we had an individual meeting with the coaches."

Chris' meeting was with DL coach Randy Hart. "He pretty much told me where I would be if I came in, just pretty much summed everything up about the whole situation," he said.

That night focused on dinner at Husky Stadium. "We ended up eating at the stadium, at the Don James center," he said. "They had a lot of Hawaiian food there, which was good. And we watched highlights."

Sunday came quickly upon Chris. "My family was leaving early, so I went early to Coach Neuheisel's house and got to talk to him one-on-one. He told me a lot of stuff, how he's wanted me there since high school and he wants me to be there now. I pretty much agreed with him. He asked me questions like 'Is it different than before?' and I said no, I had a great time. It made a lot of sense. From there, they took me to the airport."

Chris plans on still taking trips, including one this coming weekend to Arizona State and perhaps others to BYU and Oregon. "Yeah, they know," Solomona said when asked about the coaches' response. "They told me that I can take trips, but you have to let them know that you are a Husky. They kept asking me if I was a Husky, and I said that I'm going to take these trips and wherever I feel comfortable and wherever I choose that's best for me and my family is where I'm going to go."

So in short, he didn't recommit to Washington as expected. "I don't really think I'm a commit yet," Chris said. "I think that probably after a couple more trips where I want to go to."

There was one thing that made Solomona a lot more at ease when compared to his visit out of high school. "There were more Polynesian players there than two years ago, which made me feel a little more comfortable than last time I was here," he said. "They all seemed like real down-to-earth guys."

Solomona singled out one Husky in particular that helped make his visit more enjoyable. "I'd say Zach (Tuiasosopo)," he said. "Zach is a wild man. He's funny. He never shuts up. He's a funny guy."

Chris also mentioned by name a couple of the recruits he was visiting with. "Albert Toeaina, he's real cool," said Solomona. "I had a chance to hang out with him. And Alex Potasi. Those were two cool guys."

Before hanging up the phone with Chris, we had to ask again - how should he be labelled? A commit? A soft commit? Not committed at all? "You should call me a soft commit," was his answer, the same answer he gave before his visit.

We will definitely be in touch with Chris after he takes his trips and makes a decision. Top Stories