Crutchley gets a Dash of the Dawgs

At 6-5 and 215 pounds, <b>Dash Crutchley</b> can play a number of positions, so it wasn't much of a shock to find out that the man from Temecula, California might be playing a different position in college than he did in high school - namely linebacker.

"I got there on Friday morning and then went to lunch at the Space Needle," Crutchley told about his official visit to Washington this weekend. "That was pretty tight. Then we got a campus tour and an overview of the academics there. Then we saw practice and went to dinner. Then my player host (Doug Clarke) took me out and had a fun time that night. Then we went to bed."

Dash especially liked checking out practice in the new Dempsey indoor facility. "The facilities were like, perfect," he said. "The players are all way cool. You could talk to them about anything. They made it really easy for us to be there and they made us all feel very welcome."

Saturday was more of the same for Crutchley and the rest of the recruits. "We went to breakfast and then saw all the facilities, like the training room, the field, the weight room, all that good stuff. Then we watched another practice. Then we went to lunch and then talked to the academic tutors, the people that set those types of things up. Then we went to dinner again and went on another night on the town."

Dash noticed some big differences between the college players he saw and the high school players he normally goes up against. "Probably the speed and the strength," he said about the main differences. "The best players from high school are super strong and super fast."

Besides talking to the players, Crutchley also made a point of talking to the coaches. "I talked to all of them," he said. "I talked to my position coach about outside linebacking. I saw what a typical day would be like to be a player, kind of seeing the whole situation. They were all very personable." Did it surprise Dash that the Huskies want him at linebacker? "I prefer to play wide receiver, but if they want to teach me how to play linebacker, I'll do it," he said. "I really just play for the love of the game. I just want to play."

Dash talked about Sunday like it was almost an afterthought. "We had brunch at Rick Neuheisel's house and then went home around 2," he said. Any Huskies that stood out on his trip? "Owen Biddle, he was pretty cool. Reggie Williams was a really nice guy. After watching him play I was surprised to be taller than him but I was."

How about the recruits he came in with? One made a particularly BIG impression on Dash. "There was a guy from Bakersfield, Nate (Rhodes). He's like 6-7 and 330 pounds. He's just huge. He showed me that I'm not the biggest guy around. Not by a long shot." (laughs)

And the highlight? "I'd say the food and the people," he said. "Everybody was just amazing."

Amazing was a word that kept coming to Crutchley's mind. "It wasn't overwhelming, but it was pretty amazing," he said of his trip. "They were so well coordinated and everyone was so personable. Amazing would have to be the word."

Dash got the full-court press at Neuheisel's house, but felt that just taking one trip wasn't enough for him. "They wanted to get me to commit right there and then but I told them I want to go and check everything out," he said. "They let me know that the scholarship is there and not to take too long."

Crutchley has an official visit set up with Oregon State on January 11th. "And I have one tenatively scheduled for UTEP but I think I will have already made my decision by then.," he said. Top Stories