8/20 PM Practice Report

So what do you do when you have a football team that's physically and mentally drained, crazy from the heat, on edge and ready to hit somebody? Well, if you are the coaches for the University of Washington football team, you throw some more at 'em. That's exactly what happened Friday in Olympia.

"We got a lot done, did a lot of different things," UW Head Coach Keith Gilbertson said after practice Friday. "We did a two-minute drill at the end, we did a third-and-five where you have one chance to score. We did a lot of running and play-action early on...I think we got a lot done, touched on a lot of different things. I was pleased with today's work."

The last few days have been a time when the older guard have started to appear. Thursday it was former Husky Head Coach Jim Lambright. Friday it was former UW running back Donnie Moore, who spoke briefly to the team. Moore was the leading rusher for the Huskies in 1965 and 1966, rushing for 637 and 447 yards, respectively.

He would have gained a lot more yards in 1966, but was kicked off the team for what the coaches at the time termed 'violating team rules', but Moore claimed that he was being discriminated against because he was black, citing those same team rules were also being violated by his white teammates.

"He was a special player," Gilbertson said of Moore, a native of Tacoma. "I just thought he was a magic player as I was growing up, watching him play. I want those types of people to come back and feel like they are a part of this. We are in the business of including people, not excluding them, and I hope he feels good about it and gets more involved.

"I didn't even know he was coming, to be honest. I just saw this guy with the most powerful calves on the face of the earth and I thought, 'That just might be Donnie Moore.' I know there were some unusual circumstances when he was at Washington, but he was a very special player and we just want the guy to feel a part of it."

The lack of red shirts on the field was a refreshing sight, but there are still some significant casualties the coaches are dealing with. Charles Frederick spent his third day in a row on the sidelines, his right foot in a boot. "I think he's doing better," Gilbertson said of the senior wideout. "He's been on crutches for three days, so I hope he's better. I'm actually a little surprised that it's taken this long. One of Charles' drawbacks is that he can get nicked and he can miss games. That can throw us off. On of the things we're hoping out of Charles is that he plays all the time."

The day that Joe Lobendahn returned to the lineup after having some wisdom teeth pulled, the coaches put red on the other main middle linebacker, senior Tim Galloway. "He has a sore shoulder that at one time was surgically repaired, so we held him for today," Gilbertson said, noting that he expects Galloway to be back for Saturday's two-a-days.

Donny Mateaki's return to the lineup proved to be a timely one. The defensive lineman from Hawaii had a big day, combining with Manase Hopoi and Jordan White-Frisbee to form a strong defensive interior.

"As his hamstring improves, he plays better," Gilbertson said of the 6-5, 285-pound Mateaki. "I noticed Donny more today and I noticed him more full-speed. I thought he had a nice practice."

Greyson Gunheim is a player Gilbertson said just might be playing well enough that his redshirt might be burned. "I want to see what he does in the next couple of scrimmages, do what's right for him," he said. "But he's certainly a talented youngster. And (Jordan) White-Frisbee too. I think he's a pretty impressive this first week. As long as they continue to improve and one way of doing that is to get them reps, get them in the two-deeps and have them go up against our best guys."

Offensively, it was a hit-and-miss performance from the quarterbacks Friday. Isaiah Stanback did the best in the 'Third-and-five' goal-line drill, going 2-4 on his attempts. Casey Paus and Carl Bonnell each went 1-4. During the final two-minute drill, Paus showed why a lot of people expect him to be the one that starts against Fresno State September 5th, moving the offense farther than either of the younger signal-callers.

"Carl and Isaiah will be far behind Casey in the two-minute drill," Gilbertson said. "Casey has had years and years of doing it, so he understands it. This is really the first time the others have done it. We touched on it a little during the spring, but Isaiah would probably know it more from a receiver's perspective because of last year. And the defense was throwing a lot of looks at them, so we will continue to work on it.

"I would say Carl and Isaiah have come up in terms of their grasp of all the things we are doing in the pass offense and it's a lot better than the way it was than at the end of the spring or when we got here. I think those guys have improved a lot."

Sonny Shackelford had a solid afternoon session, as did Corey Williams and Craig Chambers, but when Gilbertson was asked if he felt any of them had started to separate from the others his simple answer was, 'No.'

"I'm a guy that believes Corey Williams has to make the next move in terms of his progression and his skill and his maturity," Gilbertson said. "That's important for us."

But then Gilbertson went on to talk about frosh walk-on Steve Anderson from Inglemoor High School. "All he does every day is get open and make catches," he said of Anderson. "He's been fun to watch. I can't tell how fast he is and I don't know, but I know that he's made a lot of nice catches and he's opened our eyes. We are hoping for a (Paul) Skansi story here. He's been a great surprise. It's been really, really good for us."

It's going to be a tall order for Anderson to imitate Skansi, who is second all-time at UW in career catches with 161, accounting for 1992 yards and 15 touchdowns. Paul finished an eight-year career in the NFL with a seven-year stint in Seattle.

Clearinghouse Woes: When asked about anybody with Clearinghouse issues, Gilbertson responded with a simple, 'I don't know'. Jasper Henry, Casey Bulyca and Luke Kravitz still have to be cleared before being allowed to enroll.

Talent Show: Friday night's entertainment at The Evergreen State College will be provided by the freshmen. Gilbertson called it the 'Rookie Show'. "I've heard some singing this week, so I'm not sure that it's exactly going to be vaudvillian," he chortled.

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