8/22 Scrimmage Report

Casey Paus threw for 130 yards on 10-17 passing and two touchdowns, and engineered a 99-yard drive Sunday as the Washington football team got a chance to go after each other for the first extended scrimmage session since the spring game. The 135-play scrimmage in Husky Stadium went for over two hours, as Husky Head Coach Keith Gilbertson was pleased about the amount of work the team was able to put in.

"I'm really pleased with a lot of what I saw," Gilbertson said after the scrimmage. "The offense started off very fast and then the defense picked it up. When we put them into some pressure situations they responded well, rallied, ran to the ball and played physical. All three quarterbacks found a way to make a play and score during our two-minute (drill), but we are still not where we should be."

Isaiah Stanback threw for 105 yards and two scores, but seemed most effective when scrambling and on the run. He took one play 52 yards for six, leading the team in rushing with 63 yards on only 8 carries. Carl Bonnell struggled early on but finished strong, firing a strike to redshirt frosh receiver Bobby Whithorne during his two-minute drill, eventually capping off the drive with a 27-yard field goal from Evan Knudson. Whithorne later ended the scrimmage by taking a Paus pass and outrunning the defense to the corner of the endzone for a 39-yard touchdown.

"I was pleased with Casey in how he called things in the huddle," Gilbertson said. "I thought that Carl and particularly Isaiah really ran around the field and made some plays with their feet. It was a good scrimmage. Once the defense got in the groove I thought they ran and hit and made plays. I'm disappointed in how we played some balls in the end. We gave up some big plays and that was a mistake."

Evan Benjamin was all over the field for the defense, leading the team with 10 tackles, including seven tackles for loss and three sacks. "He's a really good player around the line of scrimmage, that's a real strength for him," Gilbertson said of the junior linebacker, who switched to his current position from safety this past spring. "And last year, I thought his best play was around the line of scrimmage, so it's worked out."

Another linebacker, Scott White, added six tackles for the defense, and redshirt frosh nose tackle Jordan Reffett led the defensive line with five tackles, including two tackles for loss and one sack. Joe Lobendahn also had a very strong scrimmage, accounting for four solo tackles and three tackles for loss.

Senior strong safety Jimmy Newell came up with the only offensive miscue of the day, an interception off of Stanback as the offense was driving. There were no fumbles Sunday.

One of the focal points throughout all of camp is the battle at quarterback, where each player has had his ups and downs. Gilbertson appears ready to pull the trigger on his decision at any moment, but isn't about to make anything public.

"I kind of have an idea of which way I want to go, but I'm going to watch the video and let it work itself out," he said. He added later that the quarterback that is chosen will be expected to run all areas of the offense, as opposed to playing people based on their strengths.

"I don't know that you can play quarterbacks by situation. You need to have one guy that can run the show, has a grasp of everything you're trying to do."

The extended scrimmage also gave Gilbertson a chance to have certain players get extended playing time. Chad Macklin spent a lot of time at weak tackle and Rob Meadow took snaps at both guard and also at both tackle positions. "We are working some people in and moving them around," Gilbertson said of his offensive linemen. "And given our line situation, our guys are going to have to play more than one position."

With Joe Toledo, Jon Lyon and Ben Bandel either out or limited in their reps, Rob Lewis, Dash Crutchley and Michael Gottlieb took a lot of snaps at tight end. Lewis, a redshirt frosh from Van Nuys, California, led the team with two touchdown catches.

The coaches really like what they see in number-one running back Kenny James, who gained 37 yards on 6 carries. That allowed Gilbertson to see more of Louis Rankin, Shelton Sampson, Chris Singleton and Johnie Kirton. Singleton gained 32 yards on 3 carries and looks to be back in form after re-injuring his foot earlier in camp.

Gilbertson liked what he saw from his younger receivers during the scrimmage, especially from sophomore Corey Williams, the hero of last year's Apple Cup. "He's shown up three or four days in a row now with big plays, so now we are looking for that consistency," Gilbertson said of Williams. He also said that Quintin Daniels, Sonny Shackelford and Whithorne also had nice days.

"The quarterbacks are now forced to find those other guys now, so it's been good for the other receivers, but I don't like to see Charles (Frederick) miss this much time." Frederick was not in a boot Sunday, and was walking around, albeit pretty slowly. The senior captain from Lake Worth, Florida sprained his ankle in Olympia and should be back in action sometime this next week.

One of the biggest stories of the day was the movement of Michael Braunstein to the number-one placekicking spot over incumbent Evan Knudson. "I would think that after today, maybe Michael took over," Gilbertson said of the kicking battle. "Evan didn't have his best day by a long shot. He didn't make a couple of field goals that I would expect him to make. I thought Michael kicked better."

Braunstein was 1-2 in field goals, with his one make from 46 yards. Knudson was 3-5 with his long from 35. He missed from 38 and 34 yards.

Gilbertson alluded to the idea of having at least a couple more scrimmages before the Huskies take on Fresno State, although they probably wouldn't be as long or as in-depth.

Name change: Mike Mapu is now going by his full name - Mike Mapuolesega. He is still wearing number 97.

In attendence: Some people that were spotted at the scrimmage - Jim Lambright, Donnie Moore, Hugh Millen, Anthony Felder, Kyle Eriks and Wyatt Ellis.

Offensive Stats:

Zach Tuiasosospo - 2 carries for 6 yards with one touchdown, long of 3
Shelton Sampson - 9 carries for 32 yards, long of 13
Kenny James - 6 carries for 37 yards, long of 37
Louis Rankin - 9 carries for 10 yards, long of 13
James Sims, Jr. - 2 carries for 4 yards, long of 4
Chris Singleton - 3 carries for 32 yards, long of 21
Johnie Kirton - 11 carries for 35 yards, long of 7
Isaiah Stanback - 8 carries for 63 yards with one touchdown, long of 52
Carl Bonnell - 6 carries for 17 yards, long of 14
Casey Paus - 6 carries for -20 yards, long of 0
Durrell Moss - 2 carries for 9 yards, long of 8
Dan FoaFoa - 1 carry for 9 yards, long of 9
Felix Sweetman - 1 carry for -6 yards, long of -6

Casey Paus: 10-17 for 130 yards, two touchdowns, long of 39
Isaiah Stanback: 6-12 for 105 yards, one interception, two touchdowns, long of 47
Carl Bonnell: 6-10 for 51 yards, one touchdown, long of 17
Felix Sweetman: 6-7 for 73 yards, two touchdowns, long of 28

Anthony Russo - 2 catches for 13 yards, long of 11
Corey Williams - 3 catches for 26 yards with one touchdown, long of 10
Quintin Daniels - 3 catches for 88 yards with one touchdown, long of 49
Bobby Whithorne - 4 catches for 79 yards with one touchdown, long of 39
Sonny Shackelford - 2 catches for 30 yards, long of 18
Rob Lewis - 2 catches for 10 yards and two touchdowns, long of 6
Dash Crutchley - 1 catch for 13 yards, long of 13
Michael Gottlieb - 2 catches for 30 yards, long of 28
Craig Chambers - 1 catch for 8 yards with one touchdown, long of 8
Chris Rohrbach - 1 catch for 14 yards, long of 14
Zach Tuiasosopo - 1 catch for 14 yards, long of 14
Shelton Sampson - 1 catch for 7 yards, long of 7
Louis Rankin - 2 catches for 3 yards, long of 6
Durrell Moss - 1 catch for 3 yards with one touchdown, long of 3
Lukas Michener - 1 catch for 11 yards, long of 11
Dan FoaFoa - 1 catch for 10 yards, long of 10

Defensive Stats:

Evan Benjamin - 10
Scott White - 7
Matt Fountaine - 6
Ryan Campbell - 5
Jordan Reffett - 5
C.J. Wallace - 5
Chris Hemphill - 5
Cody Ellis - 5
Dashon Goldson - 4
Dre Simpson - 4
Chet Sanders - 4
Dan Howell - 4
Tim Galloway - 4
Joe Lobendahn - 4
Wade Gurnett - 3
Darin Harris - 3
Tahj Bomar - 3
Donny Mateaki - 3
Greyson Gunheim - 2
Kyle Trew - 2
Jimmy Newell - 2
Eric Roy - 2
Brandon Ala - 2
Brian Tawney - 2
Manase Hopoi - 2
Andy Heater - 2
Mike Mapuolesega - 2
Mesphin Forrester - 1
Derrick Johnson - 1
Kim Taylor - 1
Mike Mizuha - 1
Walt Winter - 1
Erick Lobos - 1
William Murphy - 1
Dan Milsten - 1

Tackles For Loss:
Evan Benjamin - 7
Joe Lobendahn - 3
Jordan Reffett - 2
Tim Galloway - 2
Scott White - 1
Matt Fountaine - 1
Greyson Gunheim - 1
Dashon Goldson - 1
Chris Hemphill - 1
Kyle Trew - 1
Cody Ellis - 1
Dan Howell - 1
Brandon Ala - 1
Manase Hopoi - 1
Andy Heater - 1
Donny Mateaki - 1
Dan Milsten - 1

Evan Benjamin - 3
Scott White - 1
Dashon Goldson - 1
Kyle Trew - 1
Cody Ellis - 1
Tim Galloway - 1
Manase Hopoi - 1
Andy Heater - 1
Jordan Reffett - 1

Jimmy Newell - 1

Passes Defensed:
Cody Ellis - 2
Scott White - 1
Wade Gurnett - 1
Darin Harris - 1
Jimmy Newell - 1
Mike McEvoy - 1
Wilson Afoa - 1
Erick Lobos - 1
Jordan Reffett - 1
Dan Milsten - 1

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