8/23 PM Practice Report

Call Monday afternoon's practice 'The Day After'. As in, the day after the team's longest full-contact scrimmage since April. It's the practice where most players want to just get through, their bodies still screaming from the pain inflicted 24 hours earlier. But Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson was happy about the energy and enthusiasm of the two-hour-plus practice 'the day after'.

"I think we got a lot done today," Gilbertson said after practice Monday evening. "This team is not allergic to work. I believe that. We ran a lot of plays, almost 160 plays with the kicking game. We were out here a while. But that's OK because the only way we'll learn how to play is play."

Perhaps the biggest news of the day was some residual news from Sunday's scrimmage. Gilbertson said that quarterbacks Casey Paus and Isaiah Stanback graded out better than Carl Bonnell after watching film of the scrimmage, but didn't go so far as to name a starter.

"I thought the two of them had better and more consistent days," Gilbertson said of Paus and Stanback. "But I just might come down the tunnel a couple of weeks from now and say, 'You're the guy, go get 'em'."

Did Gilbertson see anything else on film? "I thought the defense really started slow and then picked it up toward the end," he said. "By the end they were really going. I think we are running to the ball really well, so I'm pleased about that."

The receivers got a bit of a boost, as both Quintin Daniels and Charles Smith practiced today. Daniels was out most of last week with an injured big toe, while Smith nursed a sore hamstring.

"I don't think he's one-hundred percent," Gilbertson said of Daniels. "I think that toe is still an issue, although he looks a little better every day." He added that Smith would also be back in the depth because of the time it took to get him healthy.

And Charles Frederick? He was on one of the exercise bikes - one of ten perched on the sidelines - but it's unclear when the senior leader of the receiving corps will be back to full health. With Charles, it's day-to-day, every day," quipped Gilbertson.

Joe Toledo and Jon Lyon also took it easy Monday, working out on the bikes. Ben Bandel is taking injections to relieve some discomfort in his knee. "They used the same thing for my hip and I got some relief from it, but nothing long-term," Gilbertson said. "It's better for knees and shoulders. I hope he gets some relief. He wants to play."

Because the top three receivers were out, it gave Dash Crutchley, Rob Lewis and Mike Gottlieb a chance to get more reps than normal. "He's very fast and athletic and he was really a receiver in high school," Gilbertson said of Crutchley. "He could be a factor at tight end. Tight end is his spot as long as he stays physical, aggressive and can block. If he can do those things, he can contribute."

Switcheroo: Chris Hemphill is now wearing #3 and Derrick Bradley is wearing #11.

Walk-off: Matt Olson, a walk-on OL from Edmonds, has left the team.

In Attendence: Anthony Kelley was back in Husky Stadium today, checking out part of practice.

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