Shelton Sampson To...???

We talked this morning to Rosalind Sampson, mother to Shelton Sampson. This is what she had to say about the events of yesterday and where that leaves Shelton today. Is he committed to Washington, or is he still in the process of talking with coaches and family about his decision?

"As soon as we got home and walked through the door, the phone was ringing. It was ringing non-stop," she told this morning.

Then the big news. "Shelton committed to Coach Neuheisel on his official visit to Washington," Rosalind said. But there was a caveat. "He wanted the opportunity to talk to Coach (Bob) Toledo first to inform him of his decision. We talked about whether or not the decision to commit to Washington was the right one and we all agreed that it was the right decision to make and the right place for Shelton to go. But he wanted to talk to UCLA first and talk to the coaches. That's why he told you yesterday that it wasn't fair to call him committed to Washington at that time."

What happened at that point is something that Shelton and the whole Sampson family weren't expecting. "Unfortunately it was leaked out that he committed," Mrs. Sampson said. "The UCLA coaches found out about the story prior to Shelton getting a chance to tell them himself. Coach Weber from UCLA called Shelton yesterday and Shelton informed him of his decision to go to Washington. Shelton finally contacted Coach Toledo later last night and let him know that he would be attending Washington."

What turned the tables for Shelton? Why the decision to attend Washington over a team he had verbally committed to earlier in the process? "We all thought that being close to home would be a good thing," said Rosalind. "The academic support and the coaching staff were great as well. They showed a side to us that made it feel like they truly cared about what was happening to Shelton. Shelton is very comfortable with his decision and he couldn't be happier. It's just unfortunate that the UCLA coaches had to find out the way they did. He's a good kid and feels bad that things happen like that." Top Stories