Daniels Decides to be a Dawg

<b>Stanley Daniels</b> is a 6-4, 305-pound lineman from Marian Catholic High School in San Diego, California and Daniels decided this weekend that Seattle is the future home for him and the <b>University of Washington</b> is the school he wants to go to.

"I had an offer a while ago and it stood and I committed to Coach Neuheisel this morning before I left," Daniels told Dawgman.com this evening. "He was very excited. He shook my hand and he yelled down the hall and all the coaches came by and greeted me. It was nice. It was a good feeling for me."

Stanley didn't come to Seattle until Saturday. Marian Catholic had a showdown with Scott White and Mission Bay, and Marian came up on the losing end. Stanley enjoyed the game. "Scott won," he said. "It was a good game. Scott had a real productive night, as usual. My team fell asleep a little bit. We all fell asleep a little bit. Overall it was a good game. Scott ran away from me all night. He ran up the 'B' gap instead of the 'A' gap. But he scored 4 times, so if it's not broken don't fix it."

White and Daniels are best of friends off the field but like to engage in some vocal jousting on it. "We always talk a little smack but we're all good friends so it's no big deal. He talks a lot of smack, but he backs it up."

Stanley then hopped about an airplane to start his official trip to Washington. "I came up Saturday morning," he said. "We went to Daniel's and ate breakfast. It was delicious. Best steak I ever ate, except for the Metropolitan Grill. Then we watched the boys practice and then we got a tour of the stadium. After that we went to Jillians and hung out and had lunch. Then we rested at the hotel. Then we went to Khalif Barnes and Zach Tuiasosopo's house and had fun there." Barnes was his host for the visit.

"The next day we woke up and went to Coach Neuheisel's house and then went to the Space Needle, then back to the hotel and then to the Metropolitan Grill," Daniels continued. "I had the biggest porterhouse there, some fettucini alfredo and an ice cream sorbet. I ate some of Khalif's steak too. He ordered two. And John Hart, I ate some of his steak too. And we cracked jokes at Coach Williams."

And this morning? "I woke up and went back to Coach Neueheisel's house for breakfast then went to the team store to buy some souvenirs and then went to the airport and went home."

The Saturday practice helped seal the deal for Daniels. "I saw Khalif Barnes and Kyle Benn and both lines play," he said. "I could play offense or defense. I was impressed with how intense Coach Myers is. He's a great offensive line coach. He's very knowledgeable and very up-tempo and very positive. I know that he's going to mold me into a great offensive lineman if that's where I play. And I was impressed with how the practice went and how hard they worked. When I walked in there I knew that this was the place I wanted to be at."

Neuheisel made Stanley know just how wanted he was by the Huskies. "He just said that he likes me a lot and that he thought I can contribute to the team and that he wants me to come to the university," he said. "He's a great coach. Him being younger and up-tempo and not your normal coach means a lot. He understands how we're feeling because he was in the same boat we are in just a few years ago."

Neuheisel isn't done recruiting Daniels, however. There's one member of Stanley's family that still needs to be convinced. "My mom is leaning to Nebraska but she thinks it's a good decision," he said. "She's trying to play it both ways. She thinks it's a good decision, but she likes Nebraska. And really, it's her decision. Whatever she decides I'm going to do, but I like Washington and as of now I'm a future Husky. And I'm happy with my decision. And my friend Scott White will eventually come. I think." (laughs)

Daniels broke down the reasons for his decision. "I like the town," he said. "The whole city is beautiful. It's big. The academic programs are excellent. I met some professors and they are excellent. I like the campus and it's on the West Coast. It's a two hour trip from home and that's a good thing. And with the people that are there and the people that are coming...we're going to be good together. The people there are young and we are coming in younger. There's a plethora of talent coming in and a plethora of talent already there. There's no place to go but higher as far as the expectations for Washignton."

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