Paus Gets the Nod

After months and months of pondering, looking at film and going back and forth, Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson has finally named a starter at quarterback…Junior Casey Paus. Paus learned of his starting assignment after Saturday's scrimmage at Husky Stadium, although the way he found out might be a little different than one would think.

"I just heard the word (that he was starting) flying around right here, it hasn't really sunk in yet," said Paus. "I'm excited."

Many observers have opined that both redshirt freshman Carl Bonnell and third-year sophomore Isaiah Stanback were pushing Paus for the spot under center, but in the end Gilbertson decided to go with the guy who has the most experience and knows the offense the best.

"I think it is just the fact that I've been around this offense for four years," Casey said. "I feel like we're all on the same page and when I sit down and talk with coach (John) Pettas and coach Gilberston those are just two great offensive minds and to hear what they have to say and what their plans are, the more I'm around that I'll know what plays they want run."

Paus, for his part, was quietly confident about his prospects but just went about his business. "I've always been a humble guy, so I am not going to gloat. "

Paus had a solid outing in the final tuneup Saturday before the team prepares for its home opener versus Fresno State. Paus completed 11 of 18 passes for 94 yards. He didn't throw a touchdown, but more importantly he didn't have an interception either. He methodically went about his business and drove the team to two touchdowns, culminating in short runs by RB Kenny James and himself.

As discussed throughout the spring and summer, Gilbertson and Pettas are prepared to rotate two quarterbacks and take advantage of the talents that they possess. Paus didn't seem too worried about how the rotation was going to work.

"The way I'm going to go into it is you have got to be focused on yourself and your plays and if something bad does happen you can't let it affect you and think they are going to pull me now," he said. "You've just got to play every down like you're taught to play. In my opinion you can't you can't let it creep into your mind because it will affect your game."

Paus also said he isn't going to let himself get comfortable in his new starting role.

"I'm definitely not going to lay off. I'm going to keep going forward. Especially as a quarterback, you've got to keep getting better."

When asked who he was going to call, Paus was somewhat coy in his answer. His younger sister just enrolled at UNLV to play softball so his entire family is there getting her settled in and therefore he will only need to make one call.

With Fresno State heading up to Montlake on September 5th, Paus can only revel in his promotion for about 48 hours.

"I can't wait until Monday comes and we start prepping, it is going to be a restless two nights for me," he said.

There's now only one thing left to do for Paus - who was sporting a beard - before he takes over the starting position. "I guess I've got to go shave now," he said.

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