Robinson Mulls Choices

When it comes to sports, Rainier Beach's <b>Nate Robinson</b> has the market cornered. The 5-9, 170-pound RB/DB is a two-sport terror, doing double damage on the gridiron and the hardwood. So when it comes time to make a decision to take a scholarship, which way will he be leaning? Or will he just make the easy choice and do both?

"I had a wonderful year," Nate told this week. "It was more fun for me. The team chemistry was good. Our coach told us that we were one of the best Rainier Beach teams ever. I liked playing with my brother, Anthony Stewart who made second-team all safety. It was pretty cool and I wouldn't have changed it for the world."

His stats bear out his remarks. "I had 113 carries for 1264 yards and 28 touchdowns," he said. "I don't know how many all-purpose yards I had, but I had 335 in one game. A playoff game. And I also had two picks and 56 solo tackles."

One touchdown stands out, and Robinson will remember it for quite some time. "I think the one that stood out the most was the kickoff return that I ran back on O'Dea," he said. "Nobody really returns kicks on those guys. I was the first player in Rainier Beach history to return a kick against O'Dea."

In fact, Beach's victory over the Irish is one Nate takes great pride in. "We had competitive practices all week, keying on Dominic Dixon and trying to make them change their strategy," he said. "We just played honest, played them real aggressive. Like Coach DeWitt said, 'The only way to beat up a bully is to hit them first.' So we came out and attacked them first."

Now that football is done, the official visits have begun. "I just got back from a trip to Arizona State," he said. "It was pretty fun. They took us around campus and they took us around the football coaches and basketball coaches. We ate real well. It was pretty cool. They were real respectful, as a young man not as a kid." Nate's host was Daryl Lightfoot.

Robinson has two other trips currently scheduled. "I'm taking a trip to USC for basketball and football. And I'm going to U-Dub (Washington) on January 11th," he said.

With offers from the Sun Devils and Trojans, the Huskies look to be back in the pack for Nate's services. "They are just telling me that I'm an outstanding player and person as well," he said. "They have been real respectful and they want to have an in-home visit and come for a visit to my school too."

And father Jacque, a former Washington standout is giving advice where needed. "He's just sitting down and talking to me about what I'm interested in. He told me about his college experience was and what he had to do, the priorities he had, the committment."

Any thoughts of Jacque wanting Nate to follow in his footsteps would be premature. "He wants me to do whatever is in my heart," he said. "He wouldn't mind if I went to U-Dub and broke his records, but he said that whatever is in Nathaniel's heart is what is best. Just to go out and get it."

Robinson's pretty convinced his father's records will stand. "I think my Dad is a better football player, but I think I'm a better basketball player," he said, matter-of-factly. And he thinks right now his immediate future is in hoops.

And a favorite? "My favorite school right now is North Carolina and they are recruiting me for both basketball and football," he said. Top Stories