Husky Players/Coaches Post Game Quotes

It certainly was not their finest hour and the Husky players would be the first to admit that. Just like head coach Keith Gilbertson, it was the abundance of turnovers and the resulting opposing points that disappointed the players.

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  • WR Corey Williams

    On team morale
    "I don't want to say team morale is low because everybody knows that we GAVE them 28 points. If we did things on the offense, we can bounce back. No problem. So I don't think morale is low."

    On the offense
    "I don't know if it was rust or not because coming into the game, we had a great practice week and everyone felt good."

    On the turnovers
    "It overwhelmed me at the beginning but everybody on sideline is telling us to not to quit and stay in the game and that's what we did, but we just gave too many points."

    On what the coaches told them after the game
    "Coaches told us to keep our heads up and that this is the first game. We still got 10 games left and we could go 10-1. Nobody is going to be mad with a 10-1 record. We just have to come back and have a good week of practice with the bye week and get ready for UCLA and just forget this one."

    K Michael Braunstein

    On his first career FG
    "It feels good. I got a medical red-shirt last year and worked hard all spring and summer and it finally paid off to get a couple kicks in there"

    On being the kicker
    "It was my intention when I got here and that was to make it my job. Evan did a fine job and if I can't go, he's there. It's been that way both ways. We back each other up."

    S Dashon Goldson

    On the incomplete pass or interception (?)
    "I had it. I knew I had it. They (the referees) told me it was incomplete but I knew I had it."

    On the defense outperforming the offense
    "We are a team. They scored 35 points on us. There are no fingers pointing. WE gave them 35 points. We just try to go out there and do what we got to do. They are the offense and we are the defense."

    On his personal performance
    "I think I did alright. I just want to come back next week and bounce back and get better as the season goes."

    On the transition from JC to Division I
    "I play fast so this is where I need to be. The guys just may be bigger but that's it. I was very juiced. This is my first Division I football game. I was recruited here in 2002, came along, had some problems academically, bounced back and I'm happy to be here."

    QB Casey Paus

    On the offense
    "It was a bad day. The ball wasn't rolling our way today and made some critical mistakes that we definitely need to get rid of."

    On re-opening the QB race
    "I don't know what the coaches are thinking and what's going on. I wasn't playing that way. I was playing as if I was the starter and I was going out there and doing what I can do. I definitely made some mistakes and I definitely need to correct them. It's all stuff that can be corrected."

    "Fresno State is a good team and they played very well today and we just have to go out there and fix it in the next two weeks."

    On the miscues
    "Maybe a lack of communication or poor execution. We definitely made some mistakes at the quarterback positions and we need to get those eliminated. As good of a team like that, we cant be giving them points. A good team takes advantage and they did."

    "I think a couple of the routes were lack of communication and a couple of times the ball got away from me. I lost grip of a couple of them but I'm not using them as an excuse whatsoever. I think we were on the same page but it just didn't work out for us."

    QB Isaiah Stanback

    On his ankle
    "I'll be alright. I'll be ready for UCLA. It bothered me but you block that out as a player."

    On blocking out the turnovers
    "You can't block that out. You got to make the corrections and not do it again."

    On the fumble
    "I was going to pull it out and go for the pitch but it caught the hip as I was trying to pull it back in."

    On the QB Race
    "I wasn't really concerned about it. I just want to go out there and win the game. We were just focused on winning. Both me and Casey wanted to go out and do our part to win the game. That's over once you get into the game. We both knew we were going to play so we helped each other out."

    On rotating quarterback
    "It's not tough because you have to keep yourselves mentally ready. Once you're mentally ready, everything will follow."

    On his comfort level
    "I felt good. I knew what they were doing defensively and I knew what we were doing but I made one bad decision and handled the ball bad on another."

    On the turnovers
    "Truthfully, I felt that I started all the turnovers with that interception because we had momentum. If you ask me, that was the turning point. If we kept the ball and scored, it would have been 14-0 going into the half."

    FB Zach Tuiasosopo

    On overall feelings after the game
    "You know, win or lose, we still did some good things. You have to take your hat off to Fresno State. They are a talented team. They have scholarship players just like we do and we're going to focus on the things we did right and correct the things we did wrong. We have another game to look forward to."

    On his big plays
    "Coaches make the calls and the players just do what they are supposed to do."

    On his big run
    "I didn't expect the hole to be that big but when you see an opportunity, hopefully you make it into that sweet spot and get six points."

    On the positives
    "Our team did some good things on the defense that you can build on for the future and hopefully our offense can respond and put some points on the board."

    On turnovers
    "Football is a game where things are not always going to go your way. It's how you bounce back. I don't blame anyone. I know we'll play again next week and that's the thing about college football. There's always another game.

    On his message to his teammates as team captain
    "It's over. You can't dwell on the past. It'll kill you. UCLA is up next. They are another great and talented team in the Pac-10 and this is the Pac-10 opener. Nothing like a conference game to start out early but let's correct the things we got wrong and let's move forward."

    C Brad Vanneman

    On experience on offense
    "Our quarterbacks don't have much experience and they need to get better, but so does every single player on this team. We have one experienced offensive linemen and the rest have less than six starts. But we have a ton of work to do and we can't shoot ourselves in the foot. We gave them 21 points. You take those 21 points away, it's a tie game. The most frustrating part is that we just gave that game to them."

    "I take responsibility for not letting our quarterbacks get comfortable in the pocket and stay back there and pick the defense apart. It's difficult to give games away like that."

    On the game
    "I'd rather get blown out and know that we got beat than to give them three or four touchdowns. It's just incredibly frustrating because we have no idea as to why things go the way they do sometimes."

    On the quarterbacks
    "As far as our coaching decisions, I have no idea. But we're going to block exactly the same no matter who is back there and we're going to have faith in whoever is back there. We're going to find a guy that'll lead us and we're going to have faith in him and win some ball games."

    LB Joe Lobendahn

    On being back
    It feels great. I was so excited to be back in the game and out there playing with the guys, I think I played a good game but we didn't come out with the win. As a whole, we got work to do.

    On Fresno State
    They are a good team. They scored a lot of points and they had a better defense than we did. That's what we need to work on. We need to work on getting some turnovers.

    On his stinger
    I feel fine. Just a couple of bumps and bruises and I can get over that. We have a lot of things to work on. We have to put this game aside and forget about it and move on and look for UCLA.

    On the defensive effort
    I'm pretty pleased but we got to watch the film and correct our mistakes and work better on getting better each week.

    Defensive Coordinator Phil Snow

    Overall thoughts
    "It's like I told our guys, their defense scored more than our defense. The bottom line is you win. Nobody feels good about today."

    On Joe Lobendahn
    "It looked like he made a bunch of tackles but they had a bunch of tight ends in their running downhill at us so its hard to se what's going on at times in there, but it looked like he played pretty well."

    On the secondary
    "I think they did some good things. Dashon had one bad rep on that touchdown run and he came off and told me that he should've made the tackle, but other than that, I think we did ok. Sam (Cunningham) got beat on a deep ball but he was competing his butt off but the guy just caught it and it happens. But we can all get better."

    On the true freshmen that played
    They did terrific. They battled. We were pleased with them and I liked their attitude and they didn't look intimidated.

    On the play of the defense
    Yeah I was encouraged. Even on that touchdown run by Fresno State, they came off the field with a good attitude. They played 60 minutes and we're proud of that.

    Offensive Coordinator John Pettas

    On short passes
    We were trying to get the short passes to ET and give him some space to run. We had a couple of big passes but we progressed through it as we moved the ball. But you turn the ball over like that and then you get a little more cautious with the quarterbacks.

    Of the difference between planning for Isaiah Stanback and Casey Paus
    We had a plan for Isaiah. It was a little more of an option game and movement type passes. We made a couple of mistakes down there that hurt us so we stuck with Casey. Casey is a little bit better at decision making most of the time.

    On the miscues with the passing
    I think Casey had to get rid of a couple early and launch a couple because of pressure. I'll have to look. When he had time, I thought he was throwing OK. The last interception, the guy just read it well and jumped on it. I think they missed a couple of decisions. We have to eliminate the big plays that go against us.


    Honoring C-Dub: A new tribute to the late Curtis Williams, the former Husky safety who was paralyzed from the neck down on Oct. 28, 2000 against Stanford and later died from complications in May 2002, was on display on north sidelines on Sunday. To honor Williams, the University of Washington has painted a purple No. 25 into the white stripe on the sidelines. James Sims, who was the recipient of the Curtis Williams Endowed Scholarship last season and again this year, wore the No. 25 last season but has changed his number to 22 for 2004. No player will wear 25 this season.

    "We wanted to do something to honor Curtis and last year it was having James wear his jersey," said Husky head coach Keith Gilbertson. "This year I wanted to include his number on the field and so we had it painted near our bench. Curtis always loved playing in Husky Stadium and this is a fitting tribute."

    Remembering 1984: The 1984 Husky football team, which beat Oklahoma in the classic 1985 Rose Bowl, was remembered during the "Husky Legend" portion of the game. Included in the ceremonies was special recognition for the defensive coordinator from that team, Jim Lambright, who went on to replace Don James and serve as Husky head coach from 1993-1998.

    The Tuiasosopo Way: Zach Tuiasosopo's 50-yard run in the second quarter was far and away the longest of his career. The senior fullback's previous long was 13, which occurred last season against Nevada. Tuiasosopo had just 87 yards rushing all last season. He also set career single-game highs on Sunday with five catchers for 47 yards.

    New Faces: The following Huskies saw their first-ever game action on Sunday: Anthony Russo, Mike Mapuolesega, Dashon Goldson, Chris Hemphill, Dan Howell, Dash Crutchley, Cody Ellis, Kyle Trew, Greyson Gunheim, Jordan White-Frisbee and Carl Bonnell. Howell, Gunheim and White-Frisbee were the only three true freshman to get into the game.

    Washington-Fresno State through the years: Prior to Sunday, the Huskies and Bulldogs had only met once. That came on Sept. 29, 1979 and resulted in a lopsided 49-14 Washington win. The Huskies entered that game ranked No. 9 in the country.

    Recruits in the House: Here's a list of the high school football recruits we saw in attendance: Nick Thornton-Jack, Ty Fatheringham, Ndamukong Suh, Tyrone Davis, Chad Kurz, Taylor Rank, Ryan Perkins, Adam Leonard, Ben Loebner, Tony Davis, Jared Prince, Jon Toledo, Makai Borden, Wyatt Ellis, Robert Pearson, Andrew Rochon

    Also on the Sidelines: Justin Dentmon, a big-time recruit basketball recruit from the Midwest, was seen at the game with Lorenzo Romar and Cameron Dollar. Current Seattle Seahawk and former Fresno State quarterback Trent Dilfer stood on the Bulldogs sidelines. And last but not least, new UW athletic director Todd Turner took in his first Husky football game from the sidelines. Top Stories