Visit Report - Justin Dentmon

Justin Dentmon is a 6-0, 180-pound point guard from Carbondale, Illinois, and even though Dentmon will be attending the Winchendon School in Massachusetts this fall he's looking ahead to college. To that end, he took an official visit to Washington this past weekend.

"I went up there unexpecting to see what I saw," Dentmon told "I saw a beautiful site and I saw a lot of school spirit. I saw a lot of guys that were happy being around each other. They told me a little about their program, how they run things. And they showed me their art department, which is what I want to major in. I didn't have any questions when I left, they narrowed everything down for me."

Brandon Roy was Justin's host. "He was a good guy," Dentmon said of the junior from Garfield High. "He told me what the coaches are like, how they push the ball and how they use the point guard, how they need another one when he leaves and Nate (Robinson) leaves."

Speaking of the Great One, Dentmon got to see Nate's skills up close and personal during a pick-up game. "I hadn't really seen Nate play before, he really impressed me," Justin said. "It's hard to guard him because he's so low. And he can get up, he can dunk. With that 45-inch vertical, that shocked me. I wasn't really expecting that."

Dentmon also checked out the Washington football game with Fresno State. "I was there," he said. "I was watching the game the whole time, I liked it. I was on the side where the sun was at, so it burned me, gave me a tan."

What was Justin's first impression of his visit overall? "I was impressed with all the coaches," he said. "When I got off the plane, all the coaches were there to come pick me up. When I went to Illinois State to visit, only the assistant coach came."

Justin's scholarship offer was reiterated during his visit. If he didn't fully realize Washington's level of interest in him before his trip, he does now. "I told 'em that I wanted to discuss it with my parents and my mentors," he said. "They pressured me a little, but it was cool. They understood."

Illinois and Miami are the other schools he's narrowed his decision down to, and he doesn't have an idea as to how the rest of the recruiting process will play out. "I really don't know yet, I haven't decided," he said.

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