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Bye Week Blather
Race Bannon

The Satellite Center in the Dawg House at an undisclosed location deep beneath the earth was rocking Saturday as the remote control trigger finger was in mid season form as we watched all the games so you wouldn't have to.

Fresno State took Kansas State to the woodshed for their second big road win against an alleged BCS power. The Bulldogs won this one the old fashioned way as they beat the Mildcats up front in a way they were unable to do against Washington. It was KSU's worst non conference defeat since a 56-0 loss to Washington in 1991.

The 91 Huskies again came into the public consciousness later that day as Nebraska dropped their first home non conference game since the 1991 Huskies rolled through Lincoln to the tune of 600 yards of total offense on their way to the National Title.

The mid day menu included two future opponents in the Cougs and Fighting Irish. Notre Dame woke up the echos and brought down the thunder on Michigan in a shocking upset beneath the watchful eye of Touchdown Jesus. The Irish abandoned the worst coast offense and found a running back just in time for the Huskies visit in two weeks.

Meanwhile Georgia was hanging on to beat the Cocks at South Carolina as the festivities got under way in Eugene for the big season opener. Ohio State beat Marshall on a 55 yard field goal as time ran out, keeping Jim Tressel as the master of lucky last minute escapes.

The night time menu featured Clemson blowing a game with a bad snap on a punt with mere seconds left in the game. Penn State lost at BC while USC blew out Colorado State. Mack Brown remembered to give the ball to Cedric Benson enough to take the pressure off of young Vince Young and the Horns held on to beat Arkansas at Little Rock in front of President Nixon. Utah blasted Arizona as the wrong Stoops fell to 1-1.

The one over riding theme from Thursday night to Saturday night was turnovers. Lots and lots of turnovers by losers everywhere, continuing the theme started at Husky Stadium last Sunday.

The question on the table for the Huskies is - did they learn anything on their week off? Just last year at UCLA the Huskies were running the ball with alacrity until they decide to cross up the Bruins with a pass from their own end zone. Disaster ensued and the Bruins ran away from the Dawgs for their annual win in this series.

The Bruins rebounded from their week one disaster to paste Illinois at Red Grange Stadium. Yet the Illini still ran for over 200 yards. Memo to John Pettas - the Bruins have given up over 600 yards rushing in two games.

Give the ball to Kenny James and lets end this streak right here and right now!
UW – 31, UCLA – 21

Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III replies: Somebody really needs to take this magazine away from Race before he drives it any further into the ground. Somebody like me. UCLA may be as soft as Charmin against the run. UCLA may lose with alarming regularity to northwest have nots like the Cougs and Ducks. UCLA may go into the tank every year after the UW game. But UCLA owns the Huskies and always plays like their recruiting bios against the Dawgs. If you schedule UCLA, schedule them for after they play the Huskies, when they can't even beat a WAC team. Then again, who can beat a WAC team?

UCLA – 31, UW – 21

The Trojans look to wrap up the Mountain West title at BYU next Saturday after crushing Colorado State. It is nice that at least one Pac 10 team can beat the little guys out west.

USC – 63, BYU – 14
Cougars take foot killing to new lows
Rob Bobertson

As predicted way back in the Spring Issue of DFI, Alex ‘Season on the' Brink took over the reigns for the Crimson and oh so Gray and glum. Josh Swogger just hasn't recovered from leading the Huskies to the Apple Cup win and melted down in front of a less than full house at Ma Bell Field.

Bobby Purify was held in check by the Pac 10 officials who called back his 65 yard TD run, so the Buffs relied on defense and special teams to score enough points to beat the offensive offense of the Cougs. The Annual Apple Cup loss is still very much alive for the struggling Cougars who only need an offensive line and some receivers to keep the Dynasty alive. Head Coach Blake Carrington was philosophical about the defeat as he looked forward to Rival Week and the big game against Idaho at Martin P. Vandal Stadium.

"At least Idaho isn't in the WAC anymore."

Idaho – 27, WSU – 26
Over Rated? Says Who?
Mallard N. Moore

Race Bannon, publisher of this magazine, has just reminded me that he is the one who has said since spring in DFI that Oregon is woefully over rated and will not finish second in the Pac 10 or the WAC.

Head Coach Mike Bellotti had his Ducks ready for the home opener and the fans were treated to the kind of well drilled performance by the team that Duck fans have come to expect. Only the presence of national power Indiana ruined the day at recently remodeled Autzen Arena.

The Ducks fell in a hole early as rain fell on them but not on Indiana, a real problem in recent years at Autzen. Several fumbles, followed by several interceptions allowed the offenseless Hoosiers to hang on to the biggest win for the program since Keith Smart hit the jumper from the corner against Syracuse.

Bellotti brushed off all criticism and filled the camps with dissenters who were looting the Duck Team store. Eugene Bob, team spokesman, says that everything is fine and that Oregon will crush Oklahoma.

But Phil Knight was over heard in an angry conversation with Bill Moos after the game.

"I asked you after that Cotton Bowl loss to Neuheisel what we needed to make the next step in this program" fumed Knight as he mentally remembered Jeff Tedford's cell phone number. "I've spent the hundreds of millions of dollars you claimed you needed, and this is what I get?"

"Please Mr. Knight, we are very close," pleaded Bill Moos as he realized that he never should have told Knight to keep Bellotti over Tedford, and once again cursed UW for not saving him from the sinking ship in Eugene. "This was our first non conference loss at home since football was invented in 1994, and we still beat the Huskies that year. Kenny Wheaton? Ring a bell?"

"Shove it Moos, Hedges is on the market again, so watch your step. Get me a winner now. I thought that major violation was supposed to bear some fruit. I'm sore from bumping, and all I have to show for it is this ‘All Ducked Up' tee shirt!?"

The Ducks have Oklahoma right where they want them as the game film from this fiasco will put the Sooners on full over look mode. The Ducks will shock the world at Norman!

Oregon – 38, Oklahoma – 35

Race Bannon replies: We have a reputation at this magazine. It's a bad reputation, but a reputation nonetheless. I can't allow such insanity to go out under our banner.

OU – 66, UO – 16
Boise Bashes Beavers
Benny B. Lever

As predicted in DFI, it was asking too much of the Beavers to follow up a visit to SEC power LSU with a short week and a visit to WAC power Boise State. The Broncos ran it up on the Pac 10 visitors for the first win in school history over the Pac.

Derrick Anderson was unable to narrowly avoid the usual string of interceptions and the OSU defense had no answers for Hawkins Ball and the Beavs fell to 0-2 as their dreams died on the blue turf of Bronco Billy Stadium.

Next up is New Mexico, who should have beat the Dynasty. Can Riley get the boys back in time?

OSU – 24, NMU – 22
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