Bing Impressed with UW

<b>Darnell Bing</b>, is a 6-2, 215-pound safety prospect from Long Beach, California, and Darnell had a chance to officially visit the <b>University of Washington</b> this weekend with three other teammates. Here are some of his thoughts on his visit.

"I loved it," Bing told today. "I just had a great time. Seattle is a beautiful city and I've never eaten better in my whole life." It wasn't enough to declare a leader, though. "I really can't say right now. I'm going to go to Oregon on January 4th so I have something to compare it to."

Darnell seemed to be particularly impressed with the facilities and the team when they practiced. "The stadium is great," he said. "And to be honest, I like the track and the indoor facility. When it gets cold, you can still run and work out." He mentioned the coaches and how they kept everything loose for the recruits. "Coach Neuheisel is just a joker." (laughs)

As with Manual Wright, Bing mentioned conversations with Larry Tripplett and Willie Hurst as very informative. "Larry and Willie kept telling us that if you want to ever play in the NFL, you have to go to Washington," he said. "He told us that the school is quiet and safe and that if we ever wanted to leave the LA area, it's a great place to go. I liked the fact that there seemed to be a good mix of people always around."

With a serious need at safety, Bing knows that he's a wanted man at Washington. "I really could see myself playing there," he said. "The players are all so tight up there, really a close group."

We'll be in touch with Darnell after he takes his official visit to Oregon. Top Stories