Brockman Talks About Visits

The GPS systems were working overtime in Snohomish County at the end of last week. Fingers were poised on OnStar buttons in rental cars. AAA was on full alert. There were visitors from the south and east, and they weren't there to see the sights.

They were looking for the Brockman residence.

Jon Brockman, a 6-7 forward from Snohomish, and his family hosted three college coaches in the span of five days. Brockman had originally trimmed his list to six colleges - Washington, Gonzaga, UCLA, Arizona, North Carolina and Duke, but told Wednesday night that his list has been cut in half.

"I'm down to three schools - Washington, UCLA and Duke," Brockman said. "Those schools were just the ones that I felt most comfortable with and where I fit in the most. It was just a gut feel."

So Mike Krzyzewski and Steve Wojciechowski from Duke, Ben Howland and Kerry Keating from UCLA, and Lorenzo Romar and Ken Bone from Washington all took their turn in the Brockman's living room, hoping to give their school that slight edge they would need to secure the winning lottery ticket to the Jon Brockman Sweepstakes.

"They would come up and we would have dinner and they would tell me about their vision and their program," Brockman said when asked how a typical in-home visit went. Duke started things out on Thursday, followed by UCLA on Friday and then Washington on Monday.

"They were all really similar," added Brockman. "It was great talking to all the coaches. I hadn't met Coach K (Krzyzewski) or Coach Wojo (Wojciechowski) in person, that was good to talk to them. With the other two schools it was a little more casual because I've talked to them quite a bit already."

"It was just great to meet him (Krzyzewski). I've grown up hearing so much about him and seeing him everywhere on TV. He was at a lot of the games this summer. He just told me more about the program and the four guys they have commitments from already (Eric Boateng, Jamal Boykin, Josh McRoberts and Greg Paulus). He said that everyone would have to work for their position, their spot. They are all really good guys. I met them on the summer circuit. I know they are all are really good guys.

Now all that's left for Brockman as far as the Blue Devils are concerned is an official visit to Durham, one he'll leave for Thursday morning. "I've never been to North Carolina, so I need to talk to the players a little more, check out the school, see what it's like and get a better feel for it," he said.

Friday was UCLA's turn to plead their case - and they have some things going in their favor, according to Brockman. "They don't have a 4 right now, so they are probably going to play without a 4 this year," he said. "They said that spot is wide open. They have a lot of tradition too. I know they have really good guards coming in, they have a really good recruiting class."

The local school got the last pitch, sometimes the most advantageous position to be in. In this case, no decisions were made by Brockman, so it just gave Romar and Bone another opportunity to sell their program. They had another person there - Bone's brother Len, who also happens to be Brockman's high school coach, but Brockman was quick to point out his own coach's impartiality. "Both of them were over here," he said when asked about the Bone brothers. "My Coach (Len) Bone has been really good about it. He's not trying to sell anything for his brother. He's been really good about not pushing me anywhere. He's just saying that it's my choice and that he just wants what's best for me.

"It was good talking to them, they re-emphasized what they have already been telling me - they are an up-and-coming program with some good guys there and they have some pretty good recruits committed for this year. It's a good school."

With his official visit to Duke starting Thursday and an official visit to UCLA already in the books, is Brockman going to take one to Washington - a school he's probably the most familiar with? "I'll probably take one to Washington," he said. We talked a little bit about it, but I don't know of an exact date yet. It'll be before my season starts."

Panther basketball starts up November 15th, so anticipate a decision and a signature on an Letter of Intent before then for Brockman. "I'm not sure on an exact date," he said. "I haven't really decided how I'm going to do it."

One thing that appears to now be a dead issue was the idea of the local 'trifecta' - Brockman, Martell Webster and Mitch Johnson - all players on Friends of Hoop Seattle. Johnson recently committed to Stanford, and Brockman hasn't been in touch with Webster since the AAU circuit shut down in August.

"I haven't talked to Martell in a while, so I think right now we're just looking at our own options for ourselves," he said.

Options, options. Has it hit Brockman that he can pretty much write his own ticket to wherever he wants to go? "It really hasn't sunk in," he said when asked about the recruiting process. "I'm just enjoying it, not trying to get caught up in all of it."

But he also added that he'll enjoy it up to the point where he'll make two head coaches very, very unhappy. "They are all the same, I don't know how I'm going to pick a leader," said Brockman. Top Stories