Trevor Hooper: One Down, One to Go

<b>Trevor Hooper</b> is a 6-2, 180-pound safety prospect from Mountain View, California and Hooper just returned from Seattle after his official visit to the <b>University of Washington</b>.

"I had a really good time," Trevor told tonight. "I enjoyed myself. I was impressed with the coaching staff and the players and overall I had a great time."

Hooper's host was James Sims Jr. "He just showed me around and made me feel comfortable with everything that was going on," Trevor said. "He talked about how, as a true freshman, that he's really enjoying himself there and he was very positive about the program and the coaching staff. He's also very much into his education and said that he's getting that as well."

Another thing Hooper and Sims talked about was their position coach, Bobby Hauck. "We talked a couple of times," Trevor said. "The first time we watched some film on how they run their defense. Coach kept telling me that they like me a lot and that I could come in and play right away but that it would depend on how hard I worked."

Trevor was impressed with the Head Man as well. "We went to Coach Neuheisel's house this morning," he said. "He's such a great guy. To open your house up to all the recruits and their families, that was great."

Hooper visited with his mother Marcy and his father hooked up with them at Neuheisel's house. "My mom said that she had a good time," he said. "She said that she had fun getting a chance to talk to the coaching staff."

So did his visit help clear things up or make things harder for him? "I think it actually made things harder for me because I had such a good time," Hooper said. "I was really impressed." Trevor will be visiting Stanford on January 18th. "If the coaches do what they have been doing, which has been just great so far, then I expect to still have my scholorship offer available. If they let me know that they are under a deadline, then I'll have to speed up my timetable up a bit." Top Stories