Fountaine Kicks It on Trip

<b>Matt Fountaine</b>, a 5-11, 175-pound defensive back from Oakland, California just returned from his official visit to the <b>University of Washington</b>. Having already verbally committed to the Huskies earlier in the process, was the trip all he expected it to be?

"It was better than I expected, no doubt about it," Fountaine told tonight. "I expected it to be profession, pretty mechanical. But in reality, we really were just wingin' it the whole time. It was like, 'Where do you want to go now? What do you want to do?' It was fun times."

The fun times started right away on Friday afternoon. "Coach (Steve) Fex came to pick us up from the airport," said Matt. "Then my brother (Jamal) and sister-in-law met me for dinner at the Metropolitan Bar and Grill. It was fun. I didn't know they were going to be there."

The next day, Matt was able to take in a Husky football practice. "It looked like they were having fun," he said. "It was energetic. They were always bouncing around and moving, doing things."

Any players he was watching in particular? "Chris Singleton, because he was my host," Fountaine said. "And Reggie Williams, because he's one of the biggest cats out there. I was watching him and Paul Arnold get off the ball. I could see myself going up against them. And I spent a lot of time around them and they were really cool to me. They were treating me like a part of the family. It was reassuring to be taken under their wing."

Matt spent some quality time with Arnold, including a quick side trip to check out Paul's pride and joy. "He lives with John Anderson and we spent some time at their house," he said. "I saw Paul's fighting fish. He said that he was going to feed 'em mice. I couldn't imagine it. (laughs)

Matt admitted that things for him were a little different, having already pledged himself to the Dawgs. "It was a little different," he said. "I hung out with them a little more and they would hang out with me in the hotel a little more."

This morning was a special treat. "We got up early and went to Coach Neuheisel's house," Matt said. "We ate breakfast and played some video games with his sons. I didn't want to beat 'em. That would have been upsetting and shattered their confidence." But what if they would have beaten you, Matt? "I wouldn't have told anybody!" (laughs)

The coaches made it clear to Matt what their expectations are of him next fall. "They just told me that they want me to be ready for freshman camp," he said. "It looks good for me playing-wise. I just need to take care of things on the track and be ready."

Any recruits stand out? "Trevor Hooper did, because he was the only other guy from the Bay Area, so I kicked it with him quite a bit," Matt said. "And a couple of the big offensive linemen stood out. I could see then all the time!" Top Stories