Second Time a Charm for Shyne?

<b>Eric Shyne</b> is a 5-11, 175-pound defensive back from Pomona, California, and Shyne originally signed with <b>Washington</b> last February, but failed to qualify. Now that he's qualified, has Eric made a decision to stay with the Dawgs or possibly pursue other options?

"I'm committed, but it was almost like I was a recruit still," Eric told tonight about his official visit to Seattle this weekend. "They treat me good all the time, but there was a comment they made. I was late from the hotel one day and Coach Hauck phoned up to me and said, 'Shyne, get down here! You're not a recruit anymore!'" (laughs)

There's no question that this year's commitment was much easier to make on Eric's end. "I was just worried about making a decision. A lot of people wanted me to stay in California and I was just trying to make the decision to go to the right school. And some of the coaches were getting fired, so that made it tough too."

Was this visit any different than last year's? "Well, we did almost all of the same stuff," he said. "Last year, at every restaurant I ate cheeseburgers, but I switched it up this year. They didn't serve any hamburgers at the steak house, so I had to eat some steak. I also shared a lobster with some people. Man, I'm from Pomona, California and that's what we eat. There's no reason for me to change."

Make no mistake, his faux-pas earned him some ribbing from the Husky coaches. "The coaches were laughing at me!" he said. "They were like, 'What are you getting Shyne, a hamburger?', because they remember what I got last year. They joked about it for a couple of days."

Shyne put his expertise as a recruiting veteran to good use. "Some of the recruits were asking me about how I came to my decision, so that was kind of cool," he said. "I flew up with Terry Richardson from Corona Centennial. He took his first trip to Arizona State, I took my first trip to Arizona State. He took his second trip to Washington and I did too. I just gave him some words of advice."

His host? "It was Evan Benjamin," Eric said. "He was on my trip last year. I chilled with him a lot last year. I know him well. In some ways, it almost felt like I was hosting him."

Any potential roadblocks to Shyne making it to fall camp? Not according to Eric. "All I need to do is just re-apply to the school, that's all."

While he does that, he'll be watching the Dawgs, even if it's just from the TV at his house. "I just can't wait for them to get to the Holiday Bowl," he said. "They've been practicing hard." Top Stories