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It was a brutal opener on some levels. Well, most levels, but the defense was a real bright spot. Can the Huskies turn it around, as opposed to turning it over, and open the Pac-10 with a win? Here's what the staff thinks.

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 1-0.

Washington didn't need a bye last week, they needed to play. While UCLA was able to find some momentum in beating Big Ten bottom-feeder Illinois, the Huskies were left with simply wanting to play - and who can blame them after what occurred two weeks ago? Granted it was the Cody/Reggie show, but the Huskies have thrown 152 passes at the Bruin defense the last three years - all UCLA wins. Anything resembling that 50-pass average will certainly doom Washington to their own bottom-feeder status. So sure, they're gonna run it at UCLA's D-line. And everyone knows it. It may not be all power, though - I would suspect that they'll try to "wrinkle" the young front some. But UCLA owns advantages in QB play and on special teams, and has some confidence restored. It's going to be really key for Washington to get something to happen early to give their own - and the fans - confidence a boost. Forcing an early turnover, or an early successful drive would do the trick. But I think UCLA simply comes in more game-ready, and will continue to own the Dawgs for yet another year.

Prediction: UCLA 27, Washington 23
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 1-0.

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Prediction: Washington 31, UCLA 21
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 1-0.

I knew that Washington would not be firing on all cylinders last game, which is why I called for an FSU victory. The two things I didn't know was 1) how bad the QBs would play, and 2) how good the defense would play. But I did find some good things that will carry over to this week, (CLICK HERE IF YOU WISH TO READ MORE ABOUT THEM). This week, the defense continues to play well while the offense relies more on the run and staying away from turnovers to win this one. The Huskies will show major improvement from week one and begin to show Dawg fans what this team is capable of (a seven-to-eight win season). Kenny James goes over 100 and Casey Paus leads a more run oriented offensive attack to a win over what looks like a soft UCLA defense.

Prediction: Washington 17, UCLA 10
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 0-1.

When you walk down on the field and see teams like USC, UCLA, Michigan, Ohio State and Miami, your eyes get big. These teams are just loaded with athletes. Honestly, Washington doesn't have the athletes that UCLA has on the roster. This is another game that will come down to who makes the least number of mistakes. The kicking game was huge against Fresno State. Nobody can win with a kicking performance like that. Expect the kicking game to improve but the QB struggles to continue. UCLA will pull it out in a heartbreaker.

Prediction: UCLA 21, Washington 17
Joe Kaiser, Columnist. Record: 0-1.

This game is simply too important for UW to lose, and while UCLA is coming off a big win over Illinois, I think the Huskies will be ready for the Bruins. UCLA has won three meetings in a row over the Dawgs, but UW had two weeks to prepare for the Bruins and will be ready for their ground attack. Look for the Huskies to keep the game close early, and for two Kenny James to score two TDs after halftime to help the home team break away.

Prediction: Washington 27, UCLA 14
Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 0-1.

As I wrote in last week's column, all told, the Husky defense held Fresno to under 300 yards and 14 points. If the offense had not given away the three touchdowns, we would've been celebrating a hard-fought victory, instead of viewing this as Keith Gilbertson's Waterloo (which many observers now will be prone to do). Believe it or not, if the quarterback position can be solidified, Washington still has the earmarks for a successful season. If lovin' these Dawgs ain't right, then I wanna be WRONG...

Prediction: Washington 24, UCLA 20
Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 0-1.

Not sure how to think this one is going to work out, but I'm banking on the elements to tell part of the story. UCLA is a high-powered offense compared to Fresno State, but Washington will have some wind, some rain and some fans on their side. Will that neutralize a run game that looks awfully strong? Probably not as much as UW would like, but the slippery conditions might lead to a turnover or two. Conversely, UW HAS to hold on to the pigskin while they have it. Valuing possession is of the utmost importance. I don't think the Huskies are going to score much, but I don't think they are going to have to.

Prediction: Washington 17, UCLA 13
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 0-1.

I just can't predict that the Huskies will have as many, or more catastrophic turnovers as we had against Fresno. Can we? There was a lot of good about that game. The defense and the running game are foremost. The real question is predicting whether the QBs and receivers get better. Call me a homer-kook. I think they do.

Prediction: Washington 23, UCLA 20
Henry Han, Intern. Record: 0-1.

The question is whether or not the bye week did the team more good than harm. Did they take the week to improve, or did the week off destroy any rhythm they were in the midst of putting together? UCLA comes into Husky Stadium with a chip on their shoulder and looking to take another one from the Dawgs. However, I want to give them another chance. I think Washington will be ready, and if Casey Paus can get into some kind of rhythm, we'll only see one QB on Saturday leaving the Huskies victorious.

Prediction: Washington 14, UCLA 13
Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 0-1.

OK, everyone knows that I'm the eternal optimist. It's not easy, but I choose to look at things with a glass more than half full approach. Sometimes we just don't know what the glass is full of. Last week the Huskies could not overcome five turnovers, particularly the three that went for 21 points without the Husky defense ever stepping foot onto the field. I think they'll knock that number down, and hopefully show some improvement in the kicking game. UCLA comes in with a road win under their belts, so they will feel good about themselves. Washington will make sure that the Bruins leave feeling a bit less confident after losing in Seattle.

Prediction: Washington 16, UCLA 10
Max Waugh, Sideline Photographer. Record: 0-1.

With help from ex-Bruin coach Steve Axman the Huskies are able to steal UCLA's strategy for successfully bouncing back from a brutal opening loss... Namely, playing a much weaker opponent in the second game. Lorenzo Romar tries to get Nate to suit up in pads and help us steal Jon Brockman away from Bruins. The Dawgs could use #2 --if Nate's not available, the spirit of Chuck Carroll will do -- because UCLA's athletes will put much more pressure on our defense than Fresno could. Even if the UW coaches stay patient with the running game, the Bruins will stack the box and force Casey to beat them.

Prediction: UCLA 31, Washington 20
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