Keith Gilbertson Post-Game Press Conference

All eyes amid a subdued media room looked toward the podium as Husky coach Keith Gilbertson, hobbling and wearing a black UW jacket, made his entrance. He sat down, cracked open a diet Dr. Pepper, and with a facial expression of equal parts anguish and fatigue, he began to speak about the 37-31 loss to UCLA.

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  • "Well first of all, let me say that I am pleased with a lot of things that went on. I am thrilled that I think our guys have a sense of what it's like to play until the last play of the game. We've got a lot of kids that compete, fight and scratch and I'm pleased that. The effort was pretty good. We had a chance at the end.

    "I think there were some real critical things there, particularly in the last 3-4 minutes, (UCLA) ended up getting three or four first downs in a row and we had to use all of our time outs, and I thought that was critical. I thought the holding call after we had gotten the first down, I thought that was critical, and I am going to really examine that call. And I am going to watch the video and see just how much time had elapsed when their quarterback took a knee. THE PLAY IS OVER, IT SHOULD STOP THE CLOCK WHEN THERE IS A CHANGE IN POSSESSION. There were about 7-8 seconds that were just wasted. I am going to take a close look at that.

    "… I tried to get them to put it back to 1:06. They said no, seven seconds ran off. And I said, how does seven seconds run off on a change of possession? And I don't know if I got much of an answer.

    "Obviously I was real pleased with our offense and I was real pleased with Casey Paus' game. I think he did a nice job running our offense. He made some real critical plays and put together a great drive and the end we just came up short.

    "You've got to take your hat off to their offense. They're pretty powerful. I expected them to be good – they have every starter returning from last season. They're a year better. Those backs are special. I was really quite shocked that our defense would give up those kind of runs, and that kind of yardage. I was surprised by that. I think UCLA is very good offensive football team. But I'm still disappointed about what happened to our defense. In the first half when clearly our offense was dominating them, we had a comfortable lead, and it seemed like every time (UCLA) handed the ball off, it went (for big chucks of yardage).

    "I think that offensive line is really improved and I think those backs are special."

    "I love coaching this bunch of kids, I appreciate their effort. The fact that they fought until the last play of the game, I just think that we've got guys who will continue to improve."

    "I felt pretty comfortable about how things were going with about 5:50 to go, and we couldn't get them out of a drive, we just COULD NOT GET THEM OUT OF A DRIVE. And (UCLA) took it from real deep in their own territory to the point where their QB was kneeling on the fourth and one. We had a chance to get them out of a drive and just did not do it… We let them off the hook a bit."

    "We wanted to see if someone could get off a block. We just talked about getting off blocks and making tackles and playing your gap better. And a couple of those runs were runs that we overran the cutback. That kid (Maurice Drew) is very adept at cutting the ball back. And they do a great job of getting backside people on the ground. And if you don't play your gap right where you overrun the run, that guy can really hurt you. So you try to keep people in their gaps and don't overrun the run. Get off the block and make a tackle."

    "He put a lot of energy into (the game). I think he improved a lot, a lot. I think we ran the ball pretty well, which helps, so the whole game doesn't fall on the QB's shoulders. I was pleased with his development. I still think he has thing to improve upon. There were a couple of option plays where we could've had the ball out little quicker. I think he can read that better. He put the ball on the money for the most part, and made improvement over the last couple of weeks."

    "Number one, work hard to improve you gotta come in here and loom at the video. My point to them (right after today's game) was to look at the video, look at yourself, how can you get better? What did you do or not do, that you planned on doing, when you came to the ballpark? Number two, just tell them how much you like coaching them and how excited you are about seeing them on Monday. Listen, this team is not veteran in very many places. I'm saying to them, you're gonna have to be patient. You just have to persevere and keep working. If you believe in that, in time something will turn. Top Stories