Husky Players/Coaches Post Game Quotes

The outlook in hindsight was obviously mixed in the Washington locker room after a 37-31 loss to UCLA Saturday. Here's what the players and UW Defensive Coordinator Phil Snow had to say.

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  • Phil Snow:
    On being shocked by the defensive effort: "Yeah I was. We played a downhill running team against Fresno State and this was a lateral team. We got cut down, we got blocked and then they hit us on a few blitzes. It just was a bad game. We didn't play very well and we didn't coach very well. We have to regroup, look at the tape, because Notre Dame will just run at us."

    On the game plan: "We knew exactly what they were going to do. They only have one running play and we just couldn't stop it. What they do is they run out wide and they stretch you and the linemen and linebackers get cut and they take it right up the middle when there is nobody in the gap. We practiced like hell against it ad obviously we didn't get the hook we needed to.

    "We didn't stay in gaps and we didn't tackle. All the things that it takes to play against the run, we didn't do today. We over ran the football. We didn't have any three-and-outs today."

    Khalif Barnes:
    "I like the way that Casey (Paus) bounced back from the Fresno State game. He showed that he's a mature player. This last week of practice, he's kept his head up and kept getting better. He's going be a good player. He showed he can play in this conference.

    "I thought our line blocked well, we allowed no sacks. That was a plus for us. I think we made some key blocks to allow the running backs to get up and run a little bit. There's a few things were going come back and fix on Monday."

    On the last play of the game: "I was blocking my guy, and out of the corner of my eye I seen Casey throw it and I pushed my guy out of the way, and I saw ET catch it. We were so far back that I couldn't see- I just saw end zone. I didn't know if he was one yard away or two yards away, I seen him take the initial blow and he kept going, and I thought he was going to stumble in, but he was just short.

    "I thought we were going have a chance to spike it with two seconds left, but I saw 0:00, and that was the way it played."

    Dashon Goldson:
    On some trash-talking with UCLA: "There was some jaw-jacking a little but that's football. I thought it was going be like all talk and everybody had things to say but it was a game to me."

    On Maurice Drew and UCLA's running game: "He wasn't too hard to find. I never played a back that small but that's no excuse.

    "It was the cutback. A huge chunk of those runs were from cutback plays. There was some chopping on those plays and creating cutback lanes and we were over-pursuing the ball and they got a lot of yards."

    On the Husky Stadium atmosphere: "I had a feeling what it was going to be like. I came up here on my trip when they were against Washington State. Everybody talks about Husky Stadium but I just go out and play. I don't think about the crowd."

    On Washington's defense: "This wasn't Husky defense out there. We didn't play like we should have. We didn't perform like we didn't against Fresno State. We have to improve.

    We had to shut him (Drew) down. We had to stop over-pursuing stay in our gaps and make a tackle on this guy because he's a good back."

    On not playing much in the second half: "I got pulled in the second half. I was fine but I think coach did what he thought was best."

    Casey Paus:
    "I know we're going to go back to the drawing board. It's tough to handle something like this but I know we're going to be alright.

    "I was just thinking, 'Give me the ball back, give me the ball back.' That's what players are made for especially in a game like this."

    On the last play: "I don't know. From where I was looking, I didn't know if he got in or not and I was watching the clock and it was running out and I was just thinking, 'Please get in.' Once I realized he wasn't there, it kind of all hit me once."

    On the final moments: "We thought we had a chance to find Corey (Williams) in the end zone and thought he was open but he got tied up a little there. I thought I put it where only he could get it but unfortunately he wasn't there. After that, I thought we had one more chance so I got the ball to E.T. but he was stopped. Unfortunately it was the longest yard."

    On his performance: "It's frustrating because as an offense as a whole, we played our hearts out. The whole line played their hearts out. The running backs played their hearts out. I kind of feel responsible because when we come to a situation like that, we came a yard short and I feel bad for all the guys around me who played on hell of a game today.

    "I think it was a matter of me relaxing and it seemed to work well and unfortunately we just didn't get it."

    On the holding call: "I don't even see what the line is doing but unfortunately that's a part of the game. Penalties will kill you and it killed us. I thought we were moving the ball and E.T got the first down but that will take the wind out of your sails."

    Joe Lobendahn:
    On UCLA: "They were good today. They run the ball very well and we couldn't hold them until the second half."

    On Maurice Drew: "He's quick, powerful runner. He has good vision and sees the daylight."

    On ever expecting UCLA to run the ball that well: "Never. I'm shocked and we just have to pick it up for next week againt Notre Dame. We have to forget about this.

    "Our game plan was to control our gaps and be in it and not to try and do more than what we were supposed to do. Man, I can't believe we lost like this. All we said was that we needed penetration and gap control to stop the running game but it didn't happen."

    On the history against UCLA: "Three years ago DeShaun Foster ran all over us and in a way I had a flashback. I tried everything to stop it and he just ran all over us. I think we just didn't execute our plays. Period."

    Charles Frederick:
    On the final distance: "I say it was probably like a yard and a half. I thought I could have got it if I got a push because there were two guys holding me up."

    On the final play: "The play was called and I knew I needed to get into the end zone. I knew there were six seconds left and just by hiking and throwing the ball I thought that would be three seconds so I thought if I could at least get the first I would stop the clock."

    On his state of mind: "It just runs through my head. Lots of questions on what I could have done. I caught it near the seven and I saw a hole open and I was trying to get to the hole but I saw the safety come across and hit me.

    "As soon as I hit the ground I looked at the clock but just saw zeroes and I just knew it was over from there."

    UCLA tailback Maurice Drew:
    "The offensive line and our fullback came in and did a good job with their blocks. They did what they had to do and coach told us that if they do what they do then the holes are going to be gigantic. It is pretty easy for me to get in the open field and go one on one with the safety when they are able to make such big holes.

    "I just thought (today's game) was going to be a special for everyone because the offensive line was doing everything and we were doing a lot of different things to be successful. The offensive line accepted the challenge and played with a championship mentality and they just did what they had to do to make it easier on the running backs to get in the open field. The receivers made some blocks, as well as the tight ends; everyone was just playing well. I don't think that the (Husky) defense saw me the whole time because they were going the opposite way that I was going with the ball and I didn't know why. Our whole offensive line is big so they probably couldn't see me because I am only 5'8", and they made all the blocks that they needed to make.

    "This was a hostile environment that we got to play in and we did great things. "This crowd is great with everyone booing you when you come out. You love it and you have to learn to love it and we came out and played our hearts out and we tried to shut them up but it didn't work. It wasn't all me; I would rather just accept that the whole team won the game. The offense came in and just made the right blocks and our receivers caught the balls they needed to be caught.

    "The whole offense and everyone was out there to block. You can even include the defense because they stopped them (Washington) a lot to give the offense the chance." Top Stories