Dos Palos RB Returns from Washington With Offer

<b>Kenny James</b> is a 5-11, 200-pound running back from Dos Palos, California, and James went to <b>Washington</b> this weekend with a little bit of trepidation but found the Huskies waiting with open arms.

"To be honest, as I was going up there I didn't think I was going to fit in, but as soon as I started talking to Coach Neuheisel and their running backs coach I started to feel more like part of a big family, like being down in Dos Palos again," James told tonight.

Another big, bruising back, Rich Alexis, was Kenny's host. "Yeah, Rich is a great guy," he said. "He just told me how the program is great and how they have a good coaching staff at Washington. He also told me how competitive the running backs are up there, but if you're good you can come up and get playing time as a true freshman."

Kenny mentioned the highlights as checking out the campus, the stadium and everything that surrounded the University. He also talked a bit about the practice he was able to attend on Saturday morning. "The practice was way different then what we normally do," he said. "It was a lot faster. It was just FAST. I couldn't believe it. And they did more team stuff than we do, more 7-on-7's, things like that."

Tony Alford and James had a nice conversation during his visit. "Coach is a very nice guy, very upfront," James said. "If you're doing something wrong, he'll tell you straight out. But more importantly, he's a fun coach to be around. He told me about their blocking schemes and I could see myself doing a lot of those things, either blocking or running."

Coach Nueheisel offered James a scholarship, but Kenny didn't pull the trigger. "Coach Neuheisel is a great guy," Kenny said. "He really encourages everybody a lot. He's very focused on academics. He wants you to succeed as a football player and as a person. He offered me as a running back, but I have a lot of options to look at before I decide to go anywhere."

James has an official visit to Fresno State on January 5th. He's already visited his other leaders, Washington and Washington State. "Once the schools get back in the swing of things, I expect a lot of other schools to be calling," Kenny said. "All the schools back east, like LSU and Tennessee and the rest of the Pac-10 teams." Top Stories