White Makes His Choice

When it came down to it, the West Coast made all the difference. <b>Scott White</b>, a 6-2, 230-pound running back/linebacker from Mission Bay High School in San Diego, California was looking closely at two schools for some time but in the end decided to stay out west and attend the <b>University of Washington</b> over the <b>Oklahoma</b> Sooners.

"I made a decision late, late last evening," White told Dawgman.com tonight. "I'm going to Washington next year. I decided early on in the day after talking to my parents and my coach. I started thinking about all the opportunities that await me at Washington. I was just weighing my options between the two schools and I just decided that Washington was a better fit for me."

He elaborated. "I fit in real well with the players and the schemes. I know their need for linebackers is a great one and that will give me an opportunity to play early and really come in and make a difference for a defense that wasn't what it should have been. They are bringing in guys like myself to restore that defensive tradition at Washington."

Scott admits there has been talk about him playing fullback if need be. "There has been because they are lacking there too. If things don't work out with the other guys and that's where I get on the field the fastest, that's where I'll go. But if I had my choice, I want to play linebacker."

When asked what makes him such a force at LB, he mentions two things in particular. "A lot of things," he said. "I'm really fundamentally sound, I've been well-coached throughout my high school career and I'm always prepared. Those are two things that don't get talked about a lot when evaluating a player, but those are key to me."

What happened last night was a tale of two phone calls. "I called Coach Neuheisel," he said. "He was having a Christmas party there and everybody went crazy. He was real excited. We have a good relationship. He had his fingers crossed for me and we're real similar people. I think that's why we hit it off so well."

Then came the hard call. "I just told him (the Oklahoma coach) that I had made up my mind and that I was going to Washington. He wished me the best of luck. I thanked him for recruiting me and treating me well and bringing me out and giving me first class treatment all the way. It was hard to call him up and say no. It was a real tough call."

Normally, Scott wears the number 1 proudly, but knows that probably won't be his digits in college. "I'm going to talk to Coach Neuheisel about that," said White. "I know Reggie Williams wears 1. He's a star guy and I don't want to wear that number."

Any last words for Husky fans, Scott? "I'm going to play hard for the University of Washington for four years and they got who I feel like is a difference-maker who is coming to help the defense right away."

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