Terry Richardson Trip Report

<b>Terry Richardson</b> is a 6-1 180-pound receiver from Corona, California and he attends Centennial High School in Corona. Richarson packed his poncho and headed up to Seattle this weekend, where he was greeted with less than California-type weather conditions.

"It was a great trip," he said. "I enjoyed the atmosphere. It was like a big huge family up there. I really liked the atmosphere in Seattle. It reminded me a lot of San Diego. The weather bothered me a little but it's certainly not something I couldn't get used to."

Terry's host was Marquis Cooper. "He's a cool guy. And Reggie (Williams) too. Yeah, that dude is funny, man. I also talked to Jerramy Stevens for a bit. I was really impressed by him."

Richardson took everything in while he was on campus. "The campus was nice, a little different than the ones down here. It was more old-school, a lot of brick. The practices were cool to watch. They were very intense. They have a lot of talent out there, big time talent. The facilities were great too, top-notch."

Terry mentioned that he's looking for PT. "No matter where I go, I want an opportunity to play early," he said. Washington is recruiting Richardson as a receiver. He has an offer from the Huskies, but did not commit on his visit. He also does not claim to have a leader at this point and still plans on visiting Oregon (1/11) and New Mexico (1/18).

Richardson plans on seeing the recruiting process reach it's full conclusion, but left just a little bit of room to hedge his bet. "I don't think I'll make a decision any time soon, but you never know."

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