FOX Sports Radio Football Analyst Chris Landry is back this week with his take on this past weekend's college football action. On to the questions!

What are your thoughts on the officiating in the Florida/Tennessee game?
Chris Landry -
The officials certainly had a rough night. Very inconsistent throughout the evening. The personal foul call at the end was one of the worst I have ever seen. No excuse for that not being off setting penalties. It certainly had a great deal to do with the outcome of the game.

How good is West Virginia and are they a National Championship Contender?
CL -
They are a good team but not a national title contender. They do not have a good passing game at this point and their defense would struggle versus a high caliber offense. They have a very favorable schedule, however and that will keep them in the title hunt.

How much of a threat is Stanford to USC this week?
CL -
Not at all. Only USC could make this a game if they play sloppily and turn the ball over numerous times. Stanford lacks the team speed and USC continues to get a little better each week.

What are LSU chances of still winning the SEC West?
CL -
Not very good the way they are playing. Auburn is certainly capable of losing two SEC games but I'm not sure this LSU team has a strong chance of running the table. Defensively, they have not hit their stride yet. Not consistent with their push up the middle and have not been consistent snap and wrap tacklers. Their kicking game continues to be a problem and Offensively if they cannot develop their passing game, teams will continue to load up the box.

Why doesn't LSU go with just one quarterback instead of playing a two quarterback system?
CL -
Because neither quarterback has played very well. Both have flashed but Marcus Randall is not a consistent enough passer and struggles in the pocket and JaMarcus Russell does not no where to go with the ball and is relying strictly on his physical skills. He has great size, a strong arm and throws a nice ball but until he shows a desire to learn as much mentally about the game, he will continue to struggle. At this point, Russell is not as good as he thinks he is.

What happened to Iowa last week vs. Arizona St. and what are there chances against Michigan this week?
CL -
Arizona State was really motivated to pay the Hawkeyes back for last year. The Sun Devils have a explosive offense but have been inconsistent. Iowa rolled their coverage over to the receivers and freshman tight end Zach Miller had a great day. Their screen package gave Iowa trouble as well. Michigan will be a tough test again this week for the ‘Hawks as I expect their offense to progress a little each week. After watching Iowa in their last couple of games, I don't think they will this week without some help from Michigan.

What team in the Big 10 has impressed you the most thus far this season?
CL -
Purdue. I'm anxious to see them in the meat of their schedule. They are very good offensively. Kyle Orton has played as well or better than any quarterback in the country and Taylor Stubblefield is a very reliable route runner and receiver. They are very underrated defensively again this year. They are very athletic and will get better with the return of outstanding cornerback Antwaun Rogers.

What are your thoughts on all the missed PAT's in college football this season?
CL -
A lot of teams have really upgraded their kick block pressure game and that has created some soft spots in protection and some leakage in some instances causing some kickers to rush their kick. Raising your head early on a kick has the same effect as raising your head early on a golf shot---you push it. A number of teams have young kickers which does not help matters.

Anything surprise you in the Pac 10 thus far this season?
CL -
Cal is even better than I thought. Mike Stoops has his defense out at Arizona playing much better than I thought this soon. The freshman corner Antoine Cason is going to be special. I am disappointed in the lack of development defensively at Washington, UCLA and Oregon and Oregon St. hasn't been right since the LSU game.

What are the chances of Cal-Berkley keeping Jeff Tedford?
CL -
If AD Sandy Barbour get the $180 million dollar renovation to Memorial Stadium pushed through, they have a chance to keep him from going to another school. That stadium hasn't had anything done to it since the mid 40's. With his ability to work with quarterbacks and develop offensive packages, he will get a chance in the NFL at some point if he wants it.

Is Minnesota early success due to a soft schedule?
CL -
For the most part, yes. They have an outstanding running game led by one of the best centers in the country, Greg Eslinger. Both of their running backs, Lawrence Maroney and Marion Barber III have run very hard. The left side of their offensive line with Mark Setterstrom and Rian Melander has also looked good thus far. Defensively, they have two solid cornerbacks in Trumaine Banks and Ukee Dozier. Glenn Mason purposely schedules soft early to develop confidence in his team and develop his program. He did the same thing at Kansas.

What's wrong with Kansas St.'s defense?
CL -
They really lack leadership and have done a poor job of tackling. They usually get better as the season goes along but they have a long way to go.

What should be Texas' focus the next two weeks before their game with Oklahoma?
CL -
They need to work on the passing game. The receivers need to improve their routes keep Cedric Benson healthy. They also need to improve their pass rush and do a better job of shedding blocks.

Chris Landry is a veteran NFL scout, having served with the Tennessee Titans and formerly ran the Indianapolis Scouting Combine. He now runs his own Scouting Consulting business where he scouts NFL and College personnel for NFL teams and help Universities and NFL teams in their Coaching evaluations and Searches. He can be heard nationally on FOX Sports Radio as their college football and NFL analyst. Top Stories