Post game Husky Player Quotes

What can you say after opening the season 0-3, the latest loss being a 38-3 shellacking at the hands of Notre Dame? Here is what the Dawgs had to say about bouncing back and keeping their heads up.

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  • WR Bobby Whithorne had two catches for 36 yards, including a 23 yarder from Carl Bonnell. "He and I work together every day in practice. He and I are friends, so there is a connection," he said of him and Bonnell. "I think the trust is there from both quarterbacks, though. They make the reads and do what they have to do." Whithorne made his long grab on a seven-step post that Bonnell timed perfectly. "It's a timing post where we're trying to spread it out. It worked out for us, and Carl can get it off quickly."

    "When we changed quarterbacks, we were behind so maybe it looked like we were running a little quicker offense, because we were trying to catch up."

    "I think we'll build on this, keep on improving, and look forward to next week. I'm not sure about Cory (William)'s status, but we'll look at the film and see how the rotation goes. Whether it is "Q" (Quentin Daniels) or me or whoever, we'll get it done."

    LB Scott White had 9 tackles to co-lead the defense with Joe Lobendahn. "We'll go back and watch the tape and it will show that we had a lot of breakdowns, especially in the passing game. It's frustrating to turn the ball over five times and then give up big plays like we did. You get into your zone and you see the ball go up over you and you say, ‘Oh no'. I thought we stopped the run pretty well but when they pick up the first down on third and long, it's frustrating."

    Asked if he felt Carl Bonnell could lead this team, he didn't hesitate one iota. "Without a doubt. Whoever gets under center will command the proper respect. It's important to us ALL to get back on pace and get into the Pac-10 race. We have to get a win next week. Without question, we'll watch the film and come back Monday in the proper frame of mind to get this turned around. We'll keep fighting."

    QB Casey Paus was very disappointed following the game, and spoke quietly. "They had a great front seven, their defensive line played well all game. We couldn't move the ball on the ground, so we had to take to the air. We had some balls dropped and some bad throws."

    Paus was asked about the batted balls at the line of scrimmage and whether or not his release was to blame. "I think they just made some plays. Some of it may be on me but some of it is on their defensive line making those plays. It is frustrating for me. I wanted to have a good game and had a lot of ambitions and excitement going into this one."

    Paus was told at halftime that he would be benched. When asked if he felt that there would be an open competition next week, he deferred. "You'll have to ask someone else about that. It's part of the game. Ideally I'd like to continue playing the entire game, but I understand where the coaches are. I just have to practice my ass off next week and go like there's no tomorrow."

    Paus had 25 friends and relatives in the stands watching him.

    QB Carl Bonnell exited the locker room with scratches across his face, still bleeding. But he had a twinkle in his eye. "This was an exciting atmosphere. There were 80-some thousand people here. It's too bad we came out of here with a loss, and I wish we could've played better. They told me to get warmed up shortly before halftime, so I knew I was going in."

    Bonnell was asked if he felt he provided a spark to the offense when he entered. He quickly responded, "Hey, we didn't put the ball in the end zone, so that's a no. We have to work on that."

    If his number is called next week, he'll be ready. "Of course! We've been battling for the position for three months, I'll be ready. Every week we all do the best that we can. As far as I know, Casey is still the starter."

    "Today on offense we had two sophomores and two freshmen playing receiver. We're young. We need some guys to step up and play like juniors and seniors, even if we are young. It's what we need."

    FS Dashon Goldson had a chip on his shoulder after the loss today. "We came out prepared but obviously we were a little nervous and gave up big plays," said the sophomore. "It's up to us and we didn't get it done. We broke down in coverage a few times, both corners and safeties. A lack of communication is what it was. Everybody practices the checks and knows what they have to do. The young guys have to step up and help us win games. The coaches are putting us in the right places, we just didn't implement it."

    Did the mystique of Notre Dame Stadium get to the secondary? If it did, Goldson wasn't biting. "When I'm on the field, I don't hear the crowd. I can block that stuff out easily, that doesn't get to me."

    CB Derrick Johnson. "I can't really explain it. We have to figure out a way to play together. We have to improve on both rush and pass defense. We made a lot of mistakes, and each week it's a different player. I take a lot of responsibility for what happened in the secondary."

    Johnson said that Jimmy Newell, senior safety who was injured, was missed. "We missed him, but I thought that CJ (Wallace) stepped up well. But we all need to step up and make plays. We are young all over the board, and there's no question he (Newell) could've helped. There is no excuse though, all the freshmen and young guys need to step up and play. We need to play together."

    "We were in man coverage. When my man bubbles I'm supposed to come up, and that's what I read. It was my bust," said Johnson on the first touchdown where Shelton was so open.

    "Being a senior and a captain, I have to step up and make plays. I wanted balls thrown my way, I was begging for it. I need to make plays, I have to be ready. We need to take the ball away with picks and fumbles. It's do or die now, and we have to go."

    DL Jordan White-Frisbee made his first career start, in just his third college game. "It was pretty exciting, but a tough one to lose. I don't really know what to say. They came out about like we expected, except for that reverse. That was new. There were a lot of times where I was bull rushing and be right there, but right as I was about to get him, he was throwing the ball. We have a lot to work on before we play Stanford."

    He was understandably nervous as he addressed the media. "I don't think it makes a difference if you are a freshman, sophomore, or whatever. You just need to make plays. Manase (Hopoi) is a great player and so is Erik (Lobos), it's great to line up next to those guys. We all need to step up now."

    S Chris Hemphill got his first extended action as a Husky, playing behind CJ Wallace. "It was great to get into a game. I just tried to make all my reads and keys, and show the coaches that they can have confidence in me. I just want to contribute to my team. They did everything that coach said they would do, and I was ready for it. As a team, we need to come together and keep our heads up."

    The stadium and surroundings were a big deal to Hemphill. "This is where college football gets its roots. We were really excited to be here, but we just didn't get the job done. When I got that personal foul, I let my team down. I got kicked really hard in my crotch, so I didn't take it too well and gave him a little push. Right in front of the linesman, unfortunately."

    DT Erik Lobos not only made the trip, he played a lot of snaps. "We picked up the system quickly. I knew I would get in, but didn't know I would play as much as I did. I was ready and it was fun. It is A LOT different than high school ball. I was a little overwhelmed until the first snap came and I hit the guard. Then I was back to earth."

    Does this prepare him for the rest of the season? "I think I'll be more comfortable now. Three of our freshman moved up to the rotation, so we must be doing pretty good. Their offensive line was big and strong, but I just needed to get into my gap. I wasn't intimidated at all. Husky Stadium can be a lot louder than this place."

    "We need to get better with every snap." Top Stories