Mateaki Attacks Process

<b>Donny Mateaki</b> is a 6-6, 270-pound defensive lineman from Iolani High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mateaki is a marked man right now, with colleges from all over the mainland clamoring for his services as a dominating defensive end. Donny has already been to <b>Colorado, Oregon, Nebraska</b> and <b>Washington</b>. Is he done taking visits?

"It was really cool," Mateaki told tonight about his official visit to Lincoln, Nebraska over the weekend. "I liked it out there. The whole atmosphere around the program and the school was crazy. I like how they have a training table year-round so you never go hungry. We went out to restaurants too. It was pretty low-key. It wasn't like they really rolled out the red carpet for us or anything like that. I liked the fact that they are willing to help out the student-athletes out, like tutors. The labs are open until midnight."

While he gave the school passing marks, it was the town that gave him a little pause. "It was kind of sketchy, actually," Donny said about Lincoln. "It's just country. I've never been to country like that before. I know that if I went there though that I would have to adjust and get used to it. I could do it."

The Husker coaches told Donny that he would redshirt his first year and then get a chance to play during his second year. "I think I would get some spot action and then start as a redshirt sophomore," he said. "They have two seniors coming back for next year at my position."

Now that Mateaki has four official visits under his belt, he does have an option for a fifth if he chooses, and he's going to take full advantage of the opportunity. "I'm going to Arizona on January 11th," Donny said. "There are some Hawaiians on the team and their coach was one of the first coaches to start recruiting me and offer me a scholarship. I promised him I would visit and I don't want to go back on my word."

While Mateaki visits Tucson, he'll be attentive to all the details. The reason is simple; Donny has a plan. "When I visit Arizona, I'm going to be comparing it with one school in mind. If Arizona is better than that school in every way, that's where I'll go. If not, I'll go to the other school."

So the 64-dollar question is, who is the other school? "Well, right now it's between Washington and Nebraska," Donny said. "I'm torn between those schools."

Mateaki admits that the adjustment factor weighs in the favor of the Huskies. "When I visited Washington I just liked the whole atmosphere," he said. "It felt like home to me, I really fit in right away."

The Mateakis also are planning to have in-home visits in the New Year with coaches from both Washington and Nebraska. Top Stories