Keith Gilbertson Press Conference 09/27

The first spoken words by Huskies coach Keith Gilbertson sounded like he was reading off of an infirmary list. Washington lost more than a game at Notre Dame. With starting defensive end Mike Mapuolesega already out with a knee injury, the Huskies lost two offensive starters for the rest of the season, and another possibly for this week's game with Stanford.

"Corey Williams had surgery yesterday morning," said Gilbertson. Williams injured his wrist on the brick wall that surrounds the playing field at Notre Dame while slamming on the breaks at the end of the end zone. "We got in yesterday morning and they took a look at his wrist and they felt they couldn't wait another day for the damage in the place where they had to get that wrist fixed. That is a three-to-six month repair." That rules Williams out for the rest of this season. The sophomore from Las Vegas was the second leading receiver on the team with 10 catches for 128 yards.

"Zach Tuiasosopo obviously with the fracture is probably lost for most of the remainder of the season," Gilbertson said. Since Tuiasosopo avoided surgery on his fractured fibula, there is still a chance for a return by the Apple Cup. "He's a tough guy but I think that's pushing it. Other people have had that same injury and once they say you're ready to go, you still limp around for several weeks. So I would think it would be hard for him to get back." With the absence of Tuiasosopo, that leaves James Sims at the top of the depth chart followed by red-shirt freshman Durrell Moss.

Also, Charles Frederick was listed as "very, very doubtful" for Stanford. Gilbertson believes that Frederick was strained his hamstring sometime in the first quarter against Notre Dame. "He couldn't get away from a guy and thought he was hurt in the first quarter on a kick return or on a little seam route early on. He kept trying to return but it was just finally time to sit him.

With Williams done for the season, Gilbertson indicated that there was a chance that he could apply for a medical red-shirt season and gain the year back. In Tuiasosopo's case however, there are greater obstacles to overcome in order to retain his lost season.

"That would fall under the heading of hardship and they are tough," Gilbertson explained. "They are tricky. I think in Corey's case where he hasn't played that many games and he hasn't played a certain percentage of the season yet, there's a chance to save Corey's year. Where I think in Zach's case and this is his fifth year and it would require a hardship, I think that's trickier. So I would say it's doubtful."

Without their two leading receivers, the receivers' rotation will primarily include members of last year's recruiting class.

"We'll be playing with Quentin Daniels, Sonny (Shackelford), Anthony Russo, Bobby Whithorne, Charles Smith would probably get a chance to be in the depth now so those are the people you'll see," said Gilbertson.

With the absence of the three injured starters, that may lead to some adjusting in the offensive game plan.

"Obviously we're going to miss Charles and Corey because I thought Cory was really coming around and making catches in the first part of the game," said Gilbertson. "So those other guys are going to have to really step up. Bobby made a couple of nice catches and some good routes and Anthony is going to be a good player. He had a couple of drops that bothered him so it's going to be different without those two guys. We built a lot of offense around Corey, E.T., and Zach so it's going to be different."

With the lack of experience that will be running around the Stanford secondary, Gilbertson admitted that it does not help a Washington passing game that he calls "anemic."

"We're hurting," he said. "My big concern is if you just go by statistics, our passing game is about 40-something percent. Our yards-per-attempt is down around five, where we usually averaged seven or eight yards per attempt for a long time and that's not very good."

There will also be a new starting quarterback this week. With Isaiah Stanback still nursing a a bad ankle, the red-shirt freshman from Kent will get the starting nod.

"We're going to start Carl Bonnell," Gilbertson announced. "I want everybody to know that I think the world of Casey Paus and he's a good player. He's a tremendous young person and he's going to play, but I think Carl has earned his chance to start and that's what we're going to do. I think Casey is a good quarterback and a good player, but I think Carl with his combination of his feet, his arm and quickness, he has earned his chance to start."

"He's very quiet," said Gilbertson of Bonnell as a leader. "He's not a loud, boisterous guy. He's a humble guy, really honest, but he's a terrific young guy and our people rally around him. He has that quick foot speed that will help our offense."

There were other minor injuries from Notre Dame, but these players were all expected to be recovered by this weekend.

"We'll hold Manase (Hopoi) today and Derrick Johnson. Probably hold Jimmy Newell," said Gilbertson. Hopoi's and Newell's legs have been bothering them and will likely take it easy for at least a day. Johnson hyper-extended his knee at Notre Dame but managed to play the entire game. However, Trenton Tuiasosopo also injured his knee and Gilbertson may hold him for the rest of the year. Tuiasosopo will go in for an MRI today to get a better sense of the injury.

The three true freshmen that played on the defensive line against Notre Dame earned Gilbertson's praise. With Erick Lobos taking his red shirt off, the age of the defensive line just gets younger and younger.

"Erick Lobos I thought was pretty impressive," said Gilbertson. "He played pretty well. He's a unique guy. That setting won't matter to him. Notre Dame or Carson High School, who cares? Jordan had some good plays. He probably played more plays than we anticipated and that experience was good for him. I think Greyson had his toughest game. He played against some really good players."

"Stanford is a very impressive team and they played a very inspired game (against USC)," said Gilbertson. "They are very talented. I think the years of recruiting have paid off for Buddy Teevens' team and now I think you're seeing the fruits of their labor."

Amazingly enough, this week's trip to Palo Alto will be the first trip to Stanford in nearly four years. The last time Washington played Stanford was October 28, 2000. Nearly two Summer Olympics have come and gone since then. That game was one of the most memorable games in recent Washington history. Not only because of the heroics of Marques Tuiasosopo in the final minute of the game, but because of the devastating injury suffered by No. 25 Curtis Williams.

Williams was paralyzed on a helmet-to-helmet collision with former Cardinal running back Kerry Carter that ultimately led to his untimely death in 2003. The mood turned somber as Gilbertson began speaking of the man affectionately known as "C-Dub" to Husky Nation.

"I think we won't have that many people here that were here with him," said Gilbertson. "I think maybe five or six people are here that knew him. We have not been back since then so that will be a little bit different. I've thought about it. I probably won't (speak to the team about Williams), and I don't think Curtis would want us to dwell on it, knowing Curtis. The people that knew him I'm sure will have a moment to themselves this week."

"We've got a lot of new guys that didn't know him. Obviously the number 25 is pained on the field, but it'll be different. For those of that were here then, it'll be different."

"All of our guys know about it," said Gilbertson. "And they know why that number is painted on the field. I don't want to overdo it because it's about this team and our guys playing the game and for those guys that were here and knew C-Dub, we miss him a lot and we think about him everyday.

"We have his name on the depth chart everyday. His name is on the depth chart everyday so it's not like we don't miss him and think about him."

One reporter asked: "Where do you put him on the depth chart? Starter?"

And Gilbertson responded, "Absolutely." Top Stories