Dawgs take on trees

0-3, and heading into uncharted territory for a Washington Huskies football program. The wheels have come off in every way imaginable, and now a change at quarterback has happened. Will it make a difference on the farm Saturday? Here is what the staff thinks.

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 3-0.

After three games, it's becoming readily apparent that new leadership is needed for this particular column. The "bald bozo" is clearly unsuited for occupying the top rung of staff prognosticators. He has neither the skills, the preparedness, nor the inclination for strategic thought (with apologies to General Jack Ripper). His ascension to the throne wasn't merited, it was merely defaulted. Continued inaction serves only to frustrate further the dwindling diehards that actually care - it's high time that one more worthy to headline the weekly prediction segment be anointed immediately, if not sooner. Mr. Bannon, she's yours to fly.

Prediction: Washington 20, Stanford 17
Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 2-1.

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Prediction: Stanford 44, Washington 14
David Samek, Publisher. Record: 2-1.

The time to panic is now, Dawg fans. The fact that the team could not beat UCLA and not muster a touchdown against what I feel is an above average (read: Not great) Notre Dame team gives me no good feelings. The defense has been torched and Gilby has opened the floodgates for the young guys. This team needed to find an identity before now. Carl Bonnell will hopefully begin to give them one, at least a more mobile and dangerous weapon at quarterback. But until the defense starts figuring out what they are doing and communicate and trust each other, it will be a similar story.

Prediction: Stanford Dame 31, Washington 13
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 2-1.

It's time to end the drought. The Dawgs will be playing with the memory of a fallen warrior when they head down to Stanford and take on the Cardinal The Spirit of Curtis Williams will be riding the Dawgs all day long, allowing the Dawgs to bite back and prevail.

Prediction: Washington 28, Stanford 17
Max Waugh, Sideline Photographer. Record: 2-1.

With Washington traveling to Stanford desperate for a win, it's the perfect time to look to past Husky performances in Palo Alto for inspiration: Billy Joe punting out of the end zone in '91, Tui's comeback in 2000... and of course, Alex Ballete tackling the Tree in '94 (and subsequently being led away in shackles). A new man is under center, but it's the same old story. Stanford gives up the most passing yards in the Pac-10, which is all the justification these coaches need to tell Mr. Bonnell to air it out. The unbalanced attack fails again, but our defense rebounds to hold the Farm within striking distance. If a tree falls and lands on a dog in an empty stadium and nobody's around to hear it yelping, did it really happen? In this case, yes.

Prediction: Stanford 24, Washington 13
Joe Kaiser, Columnist. Record: 1-2.

If Carl Bonnell can pull out a victory on the road without either starting receiver and without the team's No. 1 fullback, it could be the beginning of a beautiful thing at the U of W. The more likely scenario, though, is another Husky defeat, this time in the hands of an overachieving Cardinal bunch that nearly did the impossible by beating No. 1 USC last week. Look for Washington's defense to struggle against Stanford's balanced offensive attack, and for the Huskies to again have to abandon the running game early in attempt to get back into the ball game. It won't be enough, and the Dawgs will fall to (gulp) 0-4.

Prediction: Stanford 34, Washington 17
Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 1-2.

There are two things that I feel certain about... UW will run a lot of option this Saturday, and one Husky receiver will step up, perhaps by default, and make 6-7 catches. But will it be enough? With Bonnell in the game, there will be a sense of oil having been placed into the offensive machinery. But expect a bundle of blunders and turnovers from him too, born of his inexperience. Bonnell will provide the same spark against Stanford that Paus did last year stepping in against Oregon. But, alas, it won't be enough.

Prediction: Stanford 31, Washington 24
Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 1-2.

The Huskies have to taste success this week, but will a moral victory be enough to satiate the masses? Doubtful. With two team captains out, as well as the one young receiver that looked to be emerging, Keith Gilbertson and John Pettas might want to put a little more of the offensive load on their capable running backs. With Carl Bonnell a viable threat on the option, it has the makings for some ball control and sustained drives, but they will have to do it against a top-15 team against the run on the road. Also, Bonnell has yet to savor the feeling of finding the end zone, and that will cost the Dawgs in the end. They will compete but will come up short on the scoreboard again.

Prediction: Stanford 31, Washington 17
Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 1-2.

First off, Stanford should win this game. They are playing better. There really is very little doubt about it. Last week the Cardinal scored 28 against USC in a half. UW has 3 starters out with injuries. Bonnell is starting at QB for the 1st time, although that could prove to be a good thing. There are just a lot of other things going against the DAWGs this week. Can the Huskies win? Sure. That is why they play `em. Will they? I doubt it, sorry to say.

Prediction: Stanford 38, Washington 20
Henry Han, Intern. Record: 0-2.

It breaks my heart anytime to pick an opponent over the Huskies. This will be Carl Bonnell's big chance and how will he respond? I think he'll do OK but it'll be tough to beat a Stanford team that is PO'ed after a close game with USC. They had the defending national champs on the ropes but couldn't put them away. This week, Husky fans will have their hearts broken once more...

Prediction: Stanford 21, Washington 14
Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 0-3

After picking the Dawgs to upset the Irish, Dick Baird was kidnapped by Husky fans that feel that his optimism is the reason why all is wrong in the Husky kingdom. Therefore his prediction this week will be written by his captors, who believe that rose-colored glasses are out of style. Those Husky fans say that it just wouldn't be the same if Dick picked against his beloved dawgs, so...

Prediction: Washington 33, Stanford 21
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