Keith Gilbertson Post-Game Comments

PALO ALTO, Calif - Another week, another loss, another week to wait. With Washington still looking for their first win of the season -- in October --Washington coach Keith Gilbertson walked out of the visitors locker room to speak about the events that led to the Huskies' fourth straight loss to start what is looking to be a long season for the Washington faithful.

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  • Opening comments:
    "I was pleased with our effort for four quarters today. I thought our guys competed, I thought they played hard and that's a good looking Stanford football team. They are big, strong, and I was really impressed with them defensively by their size, speed, and that's one of the best Stanford teams I've ever coached against."

    "I think Buddy (Teevens) has got a really big, physical, good looking football team and they'll win a lot of games."

    "I thought Carl (Bonnell) did a nice job. i thought he did a lot of the things I thought he would do and ran some good options and did a nice job of getting out of trouble and I thought even though the pass protection wasn't pretty good, he went around and made a lot of plays. but at the end of the game, he looked exhausted. It's a little warmer than what we had but he played a lot of plays and made some scrambles and options and so at the end when we went to Casey (Paus), he looked worn out and took some pretty good shots so we got him out of there but I was pleased. Casey went in and once again did a nice job."

    "We're just not as big or strong as that Stanford team. We are just so young and inexperienced and it's just really hard for us offensively to just stay in drives and consistently move the ball. I thought for the most part our defensive kids played well. I thought that drive in the third quarter, had we had gotten out of that drive but then the kid makes a long run and they come back and get a punt block. But our guys kept on playing."

    On Carl Bonnell as the starter for the next week:
    "As of right now yes. You're down 14-0 in the second quarter, you put together that 12-play drive and that seemed like one of the nicer drives we had all season. We started making some plays and started blocking some people and I thought Carl made some nice decisions coming out with the ball and on the options."

    "He was pretty fatigued. He looked pretty beat up at the end. He had taken some shots and we had run a lot of options and runs and scrambles. It was wearing him down."

    "We just can't consistently sustain that. We can't go 12 plays a bunch of times in a game. We're not mature enough, big and strong enough, fast enough. We had some chances I thought earlier in the game and once again the ball is on the ground. Our kids just didn't catch it the way I hoped we would. We had some big drops and I really didn't think Carl threw a bad ball in the first half. I thought everything he threw was on target and accurate and we dropped the balls. That's all us."

    On the new injuries from the game:
    "I think Derrick Johnson is going to be down for awhile. It looks like a pretty good groin pull. C.J. Wallace was really fuzzy so we held him in the second half. I think Quentin (Daniels) and Sonny (Shackleford) will be fine. But I think Derrick is going to be gone a while with that leg injury."

    On what he tells his young and inexperienced team:
    "I tell them I thought we made a really good effort and I was really pleased with how we played for four quarters. We can't come out and give somebody a blocked punt for a touchdown. We got to start making some more plays to win games. I told them I was anxious to see them on Monday and coach them again."

    "I'm not going to change and I'm not going to beat them up. The one thing you don't want to do is to take hope away from them. They have to feel like they got some hope and I'm certainly not going to take it away from them. I enjoy coaching them and they are what they are. They are young kids and we're not really big and strong and particularly fast so we got to find some other things to do."

    On progress from Notre Dame:
    "You know, some people are going to laugh at me, but I thought against a really good football team we got better this week. The kids worked really hard and we did improve. That was the number one thing going in which was to get better and we did. We're still not at the top obviously and we got a long way to go but we're just hoping for that lightning bolt to give us the spark and get us going."

    On the void caused by Zach Tuiasosopo's absence:
    "No question. He's probably the best blocker on our team besides Khalif (Barnes) It's going to limit us. And the inside phase on the option that he's good at, we don't have that anymore. So yeah, we;re limited by that loss and you have Corey Williams and Charles (Frederick) out so that's a lot of our offense."

    On the extensive use of the shotgun:
    "With the some of the other option stuff, we hadn't gotten much out of it. In fact we came out and pitched the ball to the fullback. I think the shotgun was easier for him so we just felt that was going to be easier rather than being under the center."

    On the number of dropped passes:
    "It's been a huge issue and it's been a huge issue for four weeks. I mean they are receivers and they have to catch it. It's a problem, we address it. At the same time, you can't chop a guy's hands off every time he drops a ball. But that's an issue because I thought our guys threw the ball pretty well today and threw it accurate."

    On the expected return of Charles Frederick:
    Maybe next week. Two weeks for sure, but maybe next week."

    On the defense:
    "Well we're pretty pleased with the intensity. We had some tackles-for-losses. But I thought the key part of the game was in the third quarter when we just could not get them out of a drive. I think we only had two possessions offensively in the third quarter. It was just hard for us to get out of that drive, but for the most part I was pleased. I thought they competed well. They jumped in the gaps and forced the fumble."

    "On our third-down conversion rate, I know what it is but for the season, it has been a big issue obviously."

    On punting:
    "Sean (Douglas) did a nice job on punting today. I thought he got a little leisurely on that last one but the timing was pretty slow. But he kicked the ball I thought pretty well today and it was obviously his best day." Top Stories