UW vs. Stanford post game player quotes

Washington players sit together on the bench in the closing minutes of a 27-13 loss to Stanford, Saturday, Oct. 2, 2004, in Stanford, Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

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  • LB Joe Lobendahn

    On the third-down conversions
    "We just have to stop them. Period. If we stop them, we get off the field and the offense has the chance to score. We just have to go out there and play our hearts out next week against San Jose."

    On his forced fumble
    "Before the play I was telling myself that I was going to make this play. Big players make big plays. So the ball snaps, I make the play. We create a turnover."

    On whether or not the team gives up
    "It's never over. I play to the end. Once that clock reaches zeroes, that's when the game is over. That's my attitude."

    Does his team have the same attitude? "I don't know. I believe that everyone is on the same page and trying to win the game."

    On the win drought
    "It's hard but you got to look at the positive side. We're going to go back on Sunday, look at the film, correct our mistakes and we just have to come out and do it again. We have seven games left. We can't stop. We have to keep on going."

    On today's effort
    "It was OK. We can do much better. Man, it's hard. All the losing. I just hate this feeling. I didn't come here to lose. I came here to win. It's frustrating but as a captain, you have to stay positive. Everyone is looking at you so you have to step up."

    LB Scott White

    On the defensive effort
    "We need to improve on third-down conversions and we need to stop the big play. We allowed big runs, big passes, and we did not tackle well. I thought we struggled with that. But when we did keep them from the big plays, we did some good things I think. Our bright spot on defense is that we had a lot of takeaways and we didn't blow a lot of assignments today."

    "We didn't play a complete game and when you play somebody on the road in conference and play complete for 60 minutes, you're not going to win games."

    On attitude
    "I made a declaration to the whole team. If you're ready to fold, don't come back. I'll be here and whoever wants to be with me as we do battle to get our first win against San Jose State, I'll posse with you. I think it;s important for guys to keep their heads up losing the way we did. So I just make the offer to whoever wants to come ready on Monday and whoever has fight left in them, please come."

    QB Carl Bonnell

    "I think I had a pretty good game. I forced a ball late in the game and threw an interception, but overall I think I played a pretty decent game."

    On being removed late in the game
    I wanted to keep going. I got banged around a bit, took a few shots to the head, but I always want to be in there.

    On being 0-4
    "Everybody is really disappointed. We expect to be winning. We're a school that always wins a lot of games. We're from a winning program. We expect to win.

    "At half time we were ready to get back out there and put together another drive.

    "I had a few butterflies at the beginning of the game, I think everybody does. I was fine after a few plays. I felt pretty comfortable out there today.

    "They blitzed a lot, but they didn't do anything we didn't expect.

    "I think I like being in the shotgun better. It gives me the opportunity to look at the defense while the ball is coming at me and gives me a little more time.

    "We competed out there real hard today. Stanford is a good team. I expect us to come back against San Jose State next week.

    S Dashon Goldson

    On Lemon
    "He made some big runs. We made some mistakes. Guys were over pursuing the ball like we were with UCLA. We weren't wrapping up on our tackles and he just ran through them. It's just guys going out there and not being disciplined. He's a hell of a back. He came out and made some runs."

    On the attitude of the team
    "We're pissed off. Everybody wants to get a win. We have to work hard, practice hard and be more disciplined."

    DC Phil Snow

    On Husky progress
    "We'll get better. We are getting better. I know we're 0-4 and it's hard to take, but we did some good stuff today. We just have to keep getting better."

    On the Stanford team
    "If you looked out on the field today, Stanford had a lot of 4-5 year Seniors. They look like it too. That's weight room stuff. That was a nice looking football team."

    "Stanford is big and physical. In the second half they ran through some tackles. We gotta do a better job of tackling and be a more physical football team."

    On Husky youth
    Right now this is the hand we've been dealt. They're young kids but I really think they're getting better. We just have to keep coaching them and remain positive.

    On losing DJ
    It's going to hurt. He's a big part of our defense, well miss him dearly. We really need to step up without him.

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